Month: January 2016

  • Thursday 1.28.16 WOD NOTES

    Dynamic Effort Lower Mobility: 4min 2min each side couch stretch Dynamic Warm Up: 5min Strength: 12min Front Rack Reverse Lunge (3×12, build to a heavy set of 12 (L+R=2)) NOTES: Take from rack The front rack lunge is generally used as an accessory exercise. For the next 3 weeks we will be using it as […]

  • Wednesday 1.27.16 WOD NOTES

    Explosive Strength Mobility: 5min 2 pieces. Complete #1 before the dynamic warm up. Complete #2 after dynamic warm up, have Athletes grab barbells. Complete before the burger snatch warm up. Make sure you educate Athlete on why they are performing these mobility pieces today. 1. 5min Squat test with movement 2. 0:00-2:05 Dynamic Warm Up: 5min NOTES: After […]

  • Wednesday 1.27.16 WOD

    Explosive Strength Strength Snatch + OHS (Build to a heavy squat snatch + OHS) **Squat snatch + OHS **Focus on landing position WOD “CrossFit Open Prep #1” 3 x 4min AMRAPs 15 Power Snatches (75,55,65,45) 30 Wall Balls (20,14,14,12) **2min. rest between rounds **Score reps for each AMRAP **Restart each AMRAP with snatches $ Out […]

  • Warm-up x3 15 second passive wide shoulder hang 15 second pull up width active hang Warm-up x3 10 inchworms 10 air squat 10 push ups 10 sit ups Weightlifting Snatch snatch shrug snatch pull snatch catch squat snatch 10 lifts to a moderate weight in full squat Metcon 4 rounds 10 snatch 10 push press […]

  • Week of 1.25.16 Barbell Club

    Conjugate Strength Tuesday 1.  Back Squat (1RM) 2.  Hang Snatch (6×2 – From above knee) 3.  Seated Good Mornings (3×8 ) 4.  Reverse Hypers (3×20 ) 5.  Shoulder Press (5RM) Thursday 1.  Box Squats (1RM) 2.  Snatch Grip Deadlift (5×5) 3.  1s Pause Front Squat (@75% 6×3) 4.  Hang Clean (6×2 – Above knee) 5.  […]

  • Tuesday 1.26.16 WOD

    Coach Byrnsey and Coach Steph

    Dynamic Effort Upper Strength Incline Bench Press (6×3 @ 65%) WOD #1 “Boy Meets World” 21-15-9 HSPU (strict, kipping) Bounds (30,24,24,20) **between each round complete 14 DB Snatches (55,35,45,25) –5min Rest to WOD #2 WOD #2 Asasult Bike 10 Rounds 20sec. on, 40sec. off **Score your personal calories **Triple up for this AMRAP, P1 Works, […]

  • Tuesday 1.26.16 WOD NOTES

    Dynamic Effort Upper Mobility: 4min Partner up and complete 2min on each Athlete 0:00-2:35 Dynamic Warm Up: 5min Today think about ways to increase the number of toros and upper body movements into the dynamic warm up. Example arm circles, x2 burpees then jog it out to the next cone. Strength: 12min Incline Bench Press […]

  • Monday 1.25.16 WOD

    Max Effort Lower Strength Back Squat (1RM with 4sec. Pause) WOD Happy 31st Birthday Ray Singson! Join Ray at the 4:30pm WOD in Ardmore, beat Ray in his WOD and he will perform a special magic trick! (Just blew your mind, Ray is a Magician!!!!) “Everybody Loves Raymond” 1000m Row 31 Thrusters (45,35) 31 T2B 31 […]

  • Monday 1.25.16 WOD NOTES

    Max Effort Lower Let Athletes know that we will be performing pause back squats and thrusters as our next DE lower and upper. Mobility: 5min • 1min each side, coaches choice banded overhead distraction, think front rack • 4min, hip opener, coaches choice; think…Athletes in bottom position for 4min. Dynamic Warm Up: 5min Strength: 15min Back […]

  • Monday 1.25.2016 Crossfit Teens

    Warm-up A- Stretch- hamstring and pectoral B- 4 minute tabata- jump rope Weightlifting Clean and Jerk 5×3 work up to a moderate to challenging  WOD weight Metcon 10 c&j 10 air squats 10c&j 10 air squats 10 c&j 10 air squats