Month: January 2016

  • Monday 2.1.16 WOD

    Max Effort Lower Strength Front Squat (5RM) WOD “Family Ties” 18min AMRAP 20 Cal Row 10 Burpee Bar Hops 5 Thrusters (135,95,115,75) **Score Rounds + Reps $ Out Sprint 800 Meters Rest 1:1 Sprint 400 Meters Rest 1:1 Sprint 200 Meters  

  • Monday 2.1.16 WOD NOTES

    Max Effort Lower Mobility: 6min 3min each side 0:00-1:42  Dynamic Warm Up: 5min Strength: 15min Front Squat (5RM) NOTES: From the rack, after 50% Athletes need to take no more than 3 attempts to reach 5RM. Athletes do not need to complete all 5 reps if they think they can make a weight jump. Why 5RM? […]

  • Crossfit Teens

    Warm-up 4 minutes 30 sec plate hops on 2×45 30 sec squats Demo Front squat Rope climb Weightlifting 5×3 front squat from the ground work up to wod weight Metcon 3 rope climbs 10 cleans 10 front squats 2 rope climbs 10 cleans 10 front squats 1 rope climb 10 cleans 10 front squats  

  • Sunday 1.31.16 WOD

    Explosive Strength Strength Clean and Jerk (Every 2min for 14min x1, build across) **Only 7 reps, score heaviest weight WOD “1/2 “Miagi”” 1/2 “Miagi” 25 Deadlifts (135,95) 25 Double KB swings (55,35) 25 Pushups 25 Clean & Jerks (135,95) 25 Pullups 25 KB “Taters” (55,35) 25 Box Jumps (24,20) 25 Wall Walks 25 K2E 25 Dubs […]

  • Sunday 1.31.16 WOD NOTES

    Explosive Strength Mobility: 5min Coaches Choice Dynamic Warm Up: 5min Speed ladder day! Strength: 14min Clean and Jerk (Every 2min for 14min x1, build across) **Only 7 reps, score heaviest weight NOTES: Athletes will build across to a heavy c&j. Give Athlete 3min to get to a starting weight and game plan. Hold them strict to […]

  • Saturday 1.30.16 WOD

    WOD “3 Girls and a Hero” Partner Up!In 30min Complete:“Jackie” (80 reps)50 Thrusters (45,35)30 Pull ups–Then–“Diane” (180 reps) 2 Rounds21-15-9Deadlift (225,155)HSPU–Then–“Barbara” (420 reps)3 rounds20 Pull-ups30 Push-ups40 Sit-ups50 Squats–Then–In remaining time AMRAP “Jack”10 Push Press (115,75)10 KB Swings (70,55)10 Box Jumps (24,20)**Score total reps

  • Friday 1.29.16 WOD

    Coach Ari

    Max Effort Upper Strength Muscle Snatch (Heavy single) **focus on extension and lock out WOD “Dawson’s Creek” 5 Rounds 50 Dubs (x3) 25 K2E 20sec. OH Barbell Hold (185,135,155,115) $ Out 50 Cal Assault Bike as fast as possible  

  • Friday 1.29.16 WOD NOTES

    Max Effort Upper Mobility: 5min Coaches choice Dynamic Warm Up: 5min Strength: 12min Muscle Snatch (Heavy single) **focus on extension and lock out NOTES: Complete as 12min EMOM. This will help Athletes keep on task. Min 1-4 Warm Up sets, 3-4 reps EMOM , less than 50% Min 4-8 Build to 80% 1-2 reps EMOM, […]

  • Thursday 1.28.16 Box Brief

    The CrossFit Kitchen: Lemon-Pepper Chicken With Butternut Squash This time on The CrossFit Kitchen, Nick Massie of PaleoNick.comcreates finger-lickin’-good lemon-pepper chicken. Start by roasting the squash and chicken. In the meantime, heat a little olive oil in a cast-iron skillet and toast the garlic. Next, add the onions, mushrooms and stock to start a savory topping […]

  • Thursday 1.28.16 WOD

    Dynamic Effort Lower Strength Front Rack Reverse Lunge (3×12, build to a heavy set of 12 (L+R=2)) WOD 21min EMOM Min 1: 5 Squat Cleans (115,75,95,65) Min 2: 2  Muscle Ups (Rx=4C2B+4PU) Min 3: 10 KB Swings (70,55,55,35) **MU=bar or ring **Score total successful rounds, each min is a round $ Out 1 BIG set […]