Month: December 2017

  • January 2018 CrossFit Programming Breakdown

  • Monday 1.1.18 CrossFit

    Strength 1) Clean and Jerk 1×1 2) Back Squat 1×1 3) Single Arm Farmer Carry 4 x 30s each side Max Distance Carry, AHAP. Rest 90s b/t attempts $ Out 4 Rounds 15 Banded Pull-throughs 15 Straight Leg Sit-ups

  • January, 1 2018 Holiday Hours

    The Main Line CrossFit is OPEN on New Year’s Day! We’ll have three scheduled WODs. Take note of the babysitting schedule: Ardmore: 10:00a (w/ babysitting), 11:00a (w/ babysitting), 12:00p Wayne: 10:00a (w/ babysitting), 11:00a, 12:00p Start the year off right with a workout! See you at the box!

  • January 2018 Programming

    Click here to view the month of January Programming Password Required CFML Athlete and would like access? Send us an email

  • Sunday 12.31.17 CrossFit

    Skill Every 60s, complete 1-3 reps Pick 1 Gymnastics Movement – T2B – Butterfly Pull-ups – Bar Muscle-upsIntent: Choose 1 gymnastics movement and spend some time practicing it today. Keep sets small reinforcing good movement patterns. Metcon Every 3:00 x 6 Sets 10 Back Racked Reverse Lunges (95,65) 10 Ball Slams -Then- Every 3:00 x […]

  • Saturday 12.30.17 Rail Yard Fitness

    Warm-up Quad stretch Hamstring stretch 10 side kicks-L, then R 10 back kicks, L then R 10 slow squats- hold for 10 seconds at bottom Metcon 5 AMRAP 8 lateral hops 8 burpee box jumps 1 min 5 AMRAP 50 m KB front rack carry 8 KB plank thrust 1 min 5 AMRAP 8 seated […]

  • Saturday 12.30.17 CrossFit

    Metcon “2017” With a partner for time: Row 2017 Meters 100 Thrusters (115,75) 100 C2B Pull-ups Row 2017 Meters Rx:(95,65) (Pull-ups) Intent: Come up with the best strategy to get through the listed work in the shortest time. Your scaling choice should allow for sets of 10 on thrusters and sets of 5 on pull-ups. […]

  • 2017 Athlete of the year

    Congrats to CFML Athlete of the year Diane Werder! Diane received 1 year FREE CrossFit and 12 months to give away. Thank you to everyone that took time to vote.

  • January 2018 Rail Yard Bootcamp Programming

  • Friday 12.29.17 CrossFit

    Strength Sumo Deadlift, 2″ blocks (1×1 EMOM 90s 3,3,2,1,1,1…) pull from 2″ blocks – Beginner: 5 x 5 with a medium weight. Intent: Technique work on Sumo Deadlift today. We are going to see this next month done for speed work off the floor so today will be a good indicator of where you’re at. […]