January 2018 Rail Yard Bootcamp Programming


Rail Yard Bootcamp is designed to integrate significantly less barbell work with an emphasis on building your base through unilateral strength work and general physical preparedness. There is a solid balance between higher-threshold work and slow-steady aerobic and anaerobic work. Overall, the emphasis is on helping you improve  body-composition and confidence moving weight.

Many new to this program will be able to transition to CrossFit classes after six weeks of this programming. After six weeks, you will be able to squat, press, hip-hinge, and understand how hard to push themselves with our conditioning work.

There will be strategic conditioning benchmarks what will be retested to prove progress is being made.

The suggested weights and modifications are listed in reverse from our normal CrossFit programming to encourage new Athletes to the program. Displayed within the conditioning piece is the ‘Level 1’ suggestions, listed below the workout you will find ‘Level 2’, ‘Rx’ and ‘Rx+’. The class is taught from the ‘Level 1’ perspective and then scaled up. Making this program suitable for experienced Bootcamp Athletes and CrossFitters alike.

What you will use:

• Sleds
• Plyo boxes
• Dumbbells
• Kettlebells
• Barbells
• Rowers  & Air bikes

What You Can Expect:
• Improvements in body composition
• Improvements in strength and conditions
• Increased movement proficiency
• Increased confidence moving weight

Program Layout:
• Lower Body Strength Circuits
• Upper Body Strength Circuits
• Full Body Strength Circuits
• Aerobic Conditioning Intervals
• Anaerobic Conditioning Intervals
• General Physical Preparedness conditioning