Author: Rachael Graves

  • Tuesday 9/27/22

    Strength 2 Pausing Clean Deadlifts+1 Clean Pull Workout AMRAP x 10 MINUTES*1-2-3-and so on…Bar Muscle-Ups2-4-6-and so on…Deadlifts


    Dial In Your Cool-Down RoutineDial in your cool-down routine with these four steps immediately after you are done working out. 1. 3min of nasal breathing. Catch your breath once your session is over, and as soon as you can, start breathing in and out of just your nose.2. Legs up. You can do this during your […]

  • Monday 9/26/22

    Strength Front Squats Workout 4 SETS (:40 ON/ :20 OFF)*MOVT 1 – Wall Balls MOVT 2 – Cal RowMOVT 3 – Alt. Overhead Wall Ball LungesMOVT 4 – Cal Row

  • Saturday 9/24/22

    Workout ON AN 20:00 RUNNING CLOCK…50 Up-Down Pull-Ups* Immediately Into… AMRAP in Remaining Time Of…6 Pull-Ups8 Sumo Deadlifts (225/155)|(155/105)10 Up-Downs to a Target*

  • Friday 9/23/22

    Strength 1 High Hang Power Clean+1 Hang Power Clean Workout EMOM x 16 MINUTESMIN 1 & 2 – 400m RunMIN 3 & 4 – AMRAP of the following*…7 Hang Power Cleans 7 Handstand Push-Ups

  • Thursday 9/22/22

    Workout FOR TIME200m DB Farmer Carry 160 Alt. DB Farmer Lunges120 Alt. DB Slides80 Alt. No Push-Up Renegade Rows

  • Wednesday 9/21/22

    Strength 1 Push Jerk+1 Split Jerk Workout FOR TIME4 ROUNDS5 Push Jerks 10 Toes to Bar50 Double Unders -Rest 2:00- 3 ROUNDS4 Push Jerks 8 Toes to Bar40 Double Unders -Rest 2:00- 2 ROUNDS3 Push Jerks 6 Toes to Bar30 Double Unders

  • Tuesday 9/20/22

    Strength Front Squat Workout 7 SETSON A 2:30 RUNNING CLOCK…20/15 Cal Row8 Front Squats Max Burpees Over Bar in Time Remaining… -Rest :30 b/t Sets-


    I Was Doing So Well Until…We’ve all been there. It is so easy to stay disciplined and stick to good nutrition habits during the day and on weekdays. But once we get to the late PM hours or the weekends, all hell breaks loose. Cookies, chocolate, pretzels; one bite is never enough, and we often end […]

  • Monday 9/19/22

    Strength 1 High Hang Power Snatch+1 Hang Power Snatch Workout AMRAP x 16 MINUTES10 Hang Power Snatch 20 Box Jump Overs 20 Russian KB Swings 10 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups