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  • CFML News 11/27/23

    CFML News 11/27/23

    Gear up for the holiday madness! It’s Bring a Buddy Month – buy them a $50 gift card, and we’ll add $25 to your account. Dive into our FREE rowing clinic on Dec 9th and drop off your little elves for Elves Day Out on Dec 23rd. Let the festivities begin! 🎅✨

  • CFML News 11/20/23

    CFML News 11/20/23

    🤝 Join us for a feast of events, from competitions to Parents Day Out. Plus, recap the Chad fundraiser’s 1000-step climb and get ready for Elves Day Out and a GRATITUDE-filled, FREE bring-a-friend-and-family month in December. No reservation, no fee – just a cornucopia of love! 💖

  • CFML News 11/13/23

    CFML News 11/13/23

    🌟 **Newsletter Highlights! 🌟** 👑 Kate Mitchell: November’s Fitness Royalty, from baby bumps to burpees and parking spot triumph! 🏋️‍♀️😂🚗 🚣‍♂️ Rowing Prowess Unleashed🚣‍♂️ 🎁 Gift of Fitness💪 🇺🇸 Honoring a Hero🔥 👧 Empower Young Warriors with CrossFit Kids🏋️‍♂️🧒👧

  • CFML News 11/6/23

    CFML News 11/6/23

    Recap: CFMLs Epic Throwdown, Thrilling In-House Competition Where Grit, Gains, and Glory Took Center Stage! Honoring a Hero: Join Project MXL & CrossFit Main Line for the #CHADHeroWorkout. Chart Your Unique Fitness Career Path with CFML.

  • CFML News 10/30/23

    CFML News 10/30/23

    November Fitness Feast: Pumpkins, Prs, and Thanksgiving Turkeys Await! A Spooktacular Recap and What’s Cooking for November’s Fitness Fun!

  • CFML News 10/23/23

    CFML News 10/23/23

    Meet Muriel: Our Gym-Avoiding, Nail-Slaying Fitness Icon! • 5 Days for $5 • CFML Managing Partner Wanted • Average age of CFML Birthday….

  • CFML News 10/16/23

    CFML News 10/16/23

    Unveil the Thrilling World of CrossFit Competitions! Discover the Power of Community, Boost Your Confidence, and Score Big Discounts in Our Legendary Deal. Get Ready for a Spicy Fitness Gear Fiesta and Capture CFML’s Best Moments. Meet Coach Noelle, Your Thriving Guide. Celebrate Fitness with Birth Burpees and Dive into Mind-Blowing Workouts and More.

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    In the freshest newsletter, meet Curt Brooks, our resident early bird muscle unicorn 🦄! He’s out there lifting weights at 5 am, all while the rest of us are debating whether to snooze or not. And guess what? Our super-duper-popular deal is making a comeback! Buckle up, folks! 🎉💪 #TuesdayTreat

  • CFML News 10/2/23

    CFML News 10/2/23

    Meet Kelly Magri Bossier: The CrossFit Enthusiast with a Heart of Gold. • Join the action at the 2023 in-house competition, Civil War. • Unfulfilled with your current workouts? It’s time for a change!

  • CFML Weekly 9/25/23

    CFML Weekly 9/25/23

    From Overhead Squats to Fighter Jets: A Week of Sweat, Laughs, and Fitness Feats at CFML! • Dynamic Duo Dominates
 • Bodywork Sleuth
 • Is exercise a mere check box?
 • Wayne, get ready for the grand finale!