April 2018 Programming Breakdown

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April CrossFit Programming

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April Endurance Programming

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Now that the CrossFit Open is over it’s a great time to introduce some new movements and a new template. Our new template now will include an additional upper-body day which means that our upper-body work will consist of:

  • Max Effort Training
  • Dynamic Effort Training
  • Repetition Work

This is also a great time to establish some new goals. With the inclusion of an additional upper body day, you will have the ability to hit some new goals more easily, such as first pull-ups.

The blend of conditioning work will remain consistent in terms of high threshold vs. low threshold, but this particular block of programming will include alactic work which requires short bouts of intense work followed by longer rest intervals. This work is tough to perform correctly in a group setting because of the variability that exists among Athletes training ages, but in these instances it will be done in a way in which there will be less chance of variability.

Expect to see an increase in GPP measures (loaded carries) this block and subsequent blocks as this work will be included in specific conditioning pieces. Keep your eye on pacing recommendations as always.

This month our Rail Yard program updates its name and programming to ‘Endurance’. The shift sees Coach Steph once again designing the programming template and an additional 16 more classes per month added to the Ardmore schedule and Wayne sees the launch of the program May. These long, 35+ minute aerobic workouts will help you build a better conditioning base by teaching you how to breathe and pace workouts effectively to maximize your performance.

Each day of the endurance program should be a challenge your threshold without redlining, and continuing to better your movement patterns to make for easier breathing. Running, rowing, assault bike, and burpees are the most present movements because they are the best for building your base. These simple, low impact movements allow you to move without hesitation. Most workouts are in the range of 80-85% of your effort.

CrossFit April Benchmarks

Max Effort Lower

1) Back Squat 2RM (1RM Done 1/1)

2) Conventional Deadlift against a band

3) Zercher Box Squat 1RM (Last done 12/18)

4) Power Snatch Clusters 1.1.1

Max Effort Upper

1) Jerk 1RM (Clean + Jerk 1RM done on 1/1)

2) JM Press/Row Superset

3) Weighted CG Chin-up/Dip Superset

4) CG Bench/Row Superset

Dynamic Effort Lower

1) Speed Front Squats

2) Ultra Wide Sumo Deadlift

3) Speed Back Squat + Heavy Set

Dynamic Effort Upper

1) Speed Bench Press

2) Wk: 3 + heavy set

Conditioning Benchmarks

1) Southie (Last done 11/20)

2) Greenhouse

3) Abs of Steel

4) Girls Gone Wild (Last done 12/9)

5) Adrenaline (Last done 12/1)

6) Johnny Cash

7) Annie meets Grace

8) Bear Grylls (Last done 11/17)

9) Batwings

10) Isabel

11) FGB (Last done 12/16)