FAQ Categories: Kids

  • How will my kid(s) graduate within the kids fitness program?

    Coaches will determine and discuss with parents when children are ready to move from one program level to the next. This will differ for each child; the age recommendations for each program are just that. When a child is ready to move onto the next class, graduation will be awarded and the coach will advise […]

  • What about kids who are overweight or unfit?

    One of the hallmarks of CrossFit Kids & Teens is inclusion. Training in a group of peers can have a profound positive effect, increasing daily compliance with the program, pushing mental and physical limits, and maintaining a positive sense of self (Beets et al. and Vorhees et al.). Children that are deconditioned will also benefit […]

  • Parental support

    We encourage parents to support their children maintain consistency in CrossFit attendance and provide healthy meals at home and for school. Healthy meals consist of protein, carbohydrate, and fat at every meal. The guidelines we follow are: lean meat, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar and no or fewer grains. These […]

  • My Kids play a lot of sports. How often should they come to CrossFit?

    Kids may attend as often as they can and want. If your child has a sport practice schedule, speak with a CrossFit Main Line coach to evaluate and plan the inclusion of CrossFit Kids or Teens. We have coached many kids who are reps of multiple sports while also attending CrossFit Kids & Teens classes. […]

  • How safe is weightlifting and organized activity for children?

    We receive questions regarding safety and weightlifting for children. Weightlifting is both safe and beneficial for children when properly supervised. The following may provide more insight and helpful information into the topics of organized fitness activities and training of young athletes. Proper Training Age “At what age should my child start participating in an organized […]

  • What is the CrossFit kids & teens fitness program?

    CrossFit Kids & Teens is a progressive coach led kids gym program offering classes in the following age groups: Kids – 5 to 9yrs, Juniors – 10 to 13yrs and Teens – 14 to 18yrs. Following this, teenagers matriculate into adult CrossFit classes. The class structure across the age groups is generally the same. Classes […]