Parental support

We encourage parents to support their children maintain consistency in CrossFit attendance and provide healthy meals at home and for school. Healthy meals consist of protein, carbohydrate, and fat at every meal. The guidelines we follow are: lean meat, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar and no or fewer grains. These foods are the optimal fuel for our bodies. We emphasize the importance of unprocessed, natural foods in balanced proportions.
Please pack or purchase water so that your child/ren stay well hydrated. We encourage use of a sports towel, comfortable layered clothing for changes in temperature, and athletic shoes (flat styles are preferred). Children should wear a crew neck t-shirt and long shorts as age appropriate sports uniform. We recommend an extra snack for in-between finishing school and coming to CrossFit Main Line. This boosts energy and concentration levels and should be a healthy option like nuts or fruit rather than highly processed and sugary snacks: chips, flavored crackers, processed bars and candy. We also insist that parents of our young athletes inform us of health and medical conditions as well as injuries or limitations that may impact a child’s health, performance or capability.

Children may arrive 10 minutes prior to class to change and be ready for class. Please collect them from the club at 4:45pm to ensure they arrive safely home; ideally children should eat within 30 minutes of exercising to promote fast recovery and refueling.