January 2021 Newsletter


January 2021 Newsletter

In December, we were not certain that we would be writing this email on behalf of CrossFit Main Line, due to the possibility that our company would not make it through the year. We spent sleepless nights wondering about the unsettled future of CFML, our Athletes, Coaches, and also how this group has impacted the broader Main Line community.

As December unfolded, we were forced to quickly adapt and we were encouraged and inspired to see how resilient, creative, and determined our community proved to be. From hundreds of conversations with Athletes to outdoor workouts in the cold, it has been inspiring to watch everyone adapt. At CFML we have worked hard to reinvent how to provide fitness, as we attempted to keep our small business community alive. 

Unfortunately, many gyms and businesses had to permanently close their doors, and at CFML we had to make some difficult decisions to reduce costs and raise membership rates. These decisions are never easy and while there will be a long and challenging road to recovery, we are pleased to say with confidence that CFML is going to make it and will continue to serve the community in 2021 and beyond!

While it is a temptation to put the virus in the rearview mirror as 2020 comes to an end, the reality is that we have a number of tough months ahead before the pandemic is fully behind us and all our actions can make a difference. 

As a community, it is obvious that we share the common belief that gyms play an important role in combating the worst effects of COVID-19, through strengthening immunity, reducing chronic disease, and improving mental health. It is critical that we continue to lead from the front to contain the spread and keep CFML safe.  In 2021, we look forward to maximizing our positive impact on the health of the Main Line community. 

Wishing you the best in 2021 and thank you for your support.

  –  Daniel & Merrilee Davidson



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2020 Year In Review

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