Tuesday 5.6.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

May Programming Breakdown

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Close Grip Floor Press 5 x 4


“Find Your Flow”
5/3 Bar Muscle Ups
10 Strict T2B
10 Push-ups
400m Run


– Strength: Same work as last week with the exception of 5% heavier loading, but for those that did not complete this last week we want them to perform 5 x 5 @70% for all sets. The purpose of this work is time under tension > hypertrophy. These do not have to be “speed sets” and all reps should be “controlled” meaning the eccentric should take roughly 2 seconds with an explosive concentric phase. Remember, the purpose of the floor press to build triceps/lockout as well as provide variation to Athletes. This is the final week of this work.
– Metcon: The goal with this workout is consistency roughly 75% for ALL rounds. People should use the run to recover and keep this running intervals “sustainable.” No one should not be hitting failure at any point, Athletes should break sets before they have to. This is another piece to prepare for “Murph” and train oxidative fibers. Strict T2B should be capable of being completed 5-5.