Weekly Programing Breakdown 9.10.18 – 9.16.18

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Weekly Programing Breakdown
9.10.18 – 9.16.18

This weeks programming has a slightly different format as we are performing a workout for 9/11 on Tuesday. We’ll start the week off with an “easier” skill session/EMOM.

“9/11” has been tested numerous times by myself and a few other athletes with times coming in around 26-30 minutes. Keep in mind, that your class will likely go over on Tuesday depending on how many people are in your class. If your in a rush use the alternate running option.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday all see benchmark workouts. “Annie’s on a run” and  “Unbroken” is an easy workout to underestimate. The loading for “Unbroken” workout should be HEAVY and its easy to underestimate how your running technique in “Annie on the run” will alter due to the 150 sit up. In all the goal of both workouts is to rest is a little as possible between sets, but to still complete all sets UB.

On Wednesday you will see a slower benchmark workout “New Workout Plan.” No one should be hitting the time cap on this one as this workout is about breaking work before excessive fatigue sets in.


Power Snatch Skill Set

Back Squat percentage work

GPP Sunday



“Annie on the run”

“New Workout Plan”



If you haven’t already start looking ahead to the upcoming weeks of programming. There is some really fun classes coming your way. In particular Monday, 9/17 we’ll be able to spend the entire class working on the olympic lifts which I’m sure many of your folks will be excited for. I’d love to see your athletes hitting PRs so please feel free to tag us on social!




Educating our Athletes is one of the most important things we do. Our Coaches and staff spend countless hours ensuring each class is the best hour of your day. Retaining the information is more important than just hearing it. Give us 5min of your time during the movement demo to make a difference in your approach.