July 2018 Programming Breakdown


July CrossFit Programming

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July Endurance Programming

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For the month of July, we’ll tackle some new conditioning and strength benchmarks as well as many old benchmarks (particularly from February, March, and April). There are a few things to be mindful of this month:
1. We’ll shift our Dynamic Effort Upper Body to Tuesdays to allow for even more recovery between max effort sessions.
2. There will be many opportunities to perform assistance work this month as per usual. Look at this work as a means of getting you closer to your performance and body composition goals.
3. Time caps are not intended to cut your workout short; they are to ensure you stay safe and receive the correct stimulus of each training session.
4. Have fun! Don’t be too hard on yourself to go “balls to the wall” each session. Listen to your body and rest when you need to. Less is more.
5. The benchmarks that you see this month will most likely be seen again in 16 weeks, which is the right amount of time to make some great progress.

The overarching theme is always well-rounded fitness. By following a concurrent model of training we are able to constantly access where your limitations lie, which will set you up for long term health and consistent results. In the same token, the consistent template that we use allows us to effectively deliver the correct doses of volume and intensity to ensure you don’t overtrain.

Make no mistake, overtraining is a real problem and it typically happens to the Athletes who perform high intensity work too often. Training smarter vs. harder will get you closer to your goals.
To read more about this, check this article out: When to Push, When to Back Off
To learn more about our system of programming, check this article out: Systemized CrossFit Box Programming

CrossFit June Benchmarks

Max Effort Variations

  1. Overhead Squat 3RM (last done 1/29)
  2. Power Clean 1RM (last done 2/5)
  3. Back Squat, 3 x 3 @85%
  4. Clean Complex
  5. Zercher Box Squat: 6 x 3 (Last done 4/9)

Max Effort Upper

  1. Shoulder Press: 1RM
  2. Weighted Chin-up: 1RM
  3. Jerk: 1RM (Last done 3/27)
  4. Hang Power Clean

Dynamic Effort Lower

  1. Sumo Deadlift against a band (final 2 weeks carried over from June)
  2. Speed Front Squats (2 weeks with a pause, 1 week with no pause)

Dynamic Effort Upper

  1. Hang Power Snatch (Weeks 2 + 3)
  2. Jerk

Conditioning Benchmarks

  1. Deadball V2 (Last done 1/29)
  2. Hot Shots 19 (Hero Workout for 4th of July)
  3. Gun Show (1st time)
  4. Uncle Buck (Last done 2/5)
  5. Back Peddle
  6. Timebomb
  7. Open WOD 18.1 (Last done 2/24)
  8. Southie (Last done 3/26)
  9. Abs of Steel (Last done 3/29)
  10. Roundabout (1st time)
  11. Adrenaline (Last done 4/2)
  12. Helen
  13. Arms + Legs (1st time)
  14. Batwings (Last done 4/12)