Weekly Programing Breakdown 6.25.18 – 7.1.18


CrossFit Main Line
Weekly Programing Breakdown
6.25.18 – 7.1.18

The final week of June we’ll include the Box Squat and the metcons “Man Maker” and “Jackie”. Overall, this week blends well with last weeks microcycle as we’ll hit some conditioning work that is short and duration and high in intensity.


Max Effort Variations

Box Squat, heavy 8

Close Grip Bench Press: 1RM.

Last performed a bench press 1RM on 5/1

Dynamic Effort Variations

Sumo Deadlift against a band. Week 1 of 3.

Hang Power Snatch EMOM. Week 2 of 3.


Man Maker (first time)

Jackie (last completed 8.18.17)


Make sure to pay attention your pacing. Pacing recommendation are listed in the intent. Also, don’t forget to include “Extra Credit” work. This work will be the game-changer for continual progress.


Educating our Athletes is one of the most important things we do. Our Coaches and staff spend countless hours ensuring each class is the best hour of your day. Retaining the information is more important than just hearing it. Give us 5min of your time during the movement demo to make a difference in your approach.