Weekly Programming Breakdown 6.4.18 – 6.10.18

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Weekly Programing Breakdown
6.4.18 – 6.10.18

There are some vital strength pieces this week that will be important for Athletes to know to chart their own progress, but also for percentage work. We will also begin a new dynamic effort cycle this week for both the lower and upper body. This will be the final week of skill-work for the T2B. The following we’ll test a max effort set.


Max Effort Lower:

Front Box Squat 2RM (Last done 11/13)

Floor Press 1RM (Last done 2/14)

Dynamic Effort Variations:

Power Clean + Front Squat + Jerk Floor Press


“Rolling Stone V2”

*this is a task domain version of Rolling Stone which was last done on 1/31



The balance of work remains consistent with our programming in terms of 72 hours of recovery between higher-threshold work, a steady dose of mixed-modal work, and an emphasis on unilateral/imbalance work.


Educating our Athletes is one of the most important things we do. Our Coaches and staff spend countless hours ensuring each class is the best hour of your day. Retaining the information is more important than just hearing it. Give us 5min of your time during the movement demo to make a difference in your approach.