Weekly Programming Breakdown 5.7.18 – 5.13.18

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Weekly Programing Breakdown
5.7.18 – 5.13.18


Max Effort

Regular Stance (normal squat stance) High Box Squat: 3RM. The purpose of using a higher box is to solidify positions and work with heavier loading because of the decreased ROM. Make sure athletes have spotters on both sides of the bar!

Strict C2B Chin-up/DB Single Arm Neutral Grip Bench Press: Repetition work for the bicep group and tricep group. All sets should be capable of repeating, but challenging

Dynamic Effort

Speed Back Squat w. 1 count: Final week of these. Loading still should not compromise bar speed.

Speed CG Bench Press/Banded Pulldown: Week 1 of these variation. Keep loads light so athletes can accelerate both the eccentric and concentric phase of the lift (compensatory acceleration).


“Blue Steel”: Athletes should be able to complete deadlifts/wallballs around 90-95% effort (UB if possible) and strategically break their HSPU when needed, which for most will be smaller sets. The scaling options for HSPU will be push-ups today.

“Icebreaker”: Squat cleans are intended to be heavy today and done as singles. Your athletes should not use a weight they can go “touch n go” with.

“The Legend”: Tough Hero workout that we’d like to see athletes start slow (75%) with the goal of maintaining and adjusting pace throughout based on how they’re feeling. The global movement of the kettle bell swing and kipping pull up will cause Athletes to fail quickly on the push ups. Have a game plan to complete these in repeatable sets.


This is a fun week of programming with a nice balance of work. There are 2 new BP Benchmarks as well as a classic CF Hero WOD “Jack”.


➥ “Speed” back squats will be relative to the athlete in terms of how fast they can move. Even with lighter loading some of your more enduring athletes will not look “fast.” What we want here is zero hesitation from our paused position through concentric range of motion.

➥ Hang Power Clean/Press complex should be heavy enough to feel the weight but not too heavy that it impairs form.

➥ Tuesday’s conditioning work contains Ring Muscle-ups. Make sure your athletes use the available scaling options. If your athlete has 1-2 ring muscle-ups in the tank then this is NOT a good workout to perform Ring Muscle-ups in. Ideally they’d have 8/5 Ring muscles-ups in the tank respectively.