Weekly Programming Breakdown 4.30.18 – 5.6.18

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Weekly Programing Breakdown
4.30.18 – 5.6.18


Sumo Deadlift elevated on 2”, 1RM. Last tested 12/29

Bench Press, 1RM.





We enter week two of this block of programming with some new benchmark workouts, as well as a classic piece “Grace” on Friday. Keep in mind that you’ll see most of these pieces again in 16 weeks. Monday’s conditioning piece called “Bookie” is a tough one, make sure you scale the loading or movement pattern if needed. Bookie is intended to be high effort in the sense that your athletes need to be able to move consistently with little rest intervals.Overall, the breakdown of conditioning for this week looks like: High-Threshold, Moderate Threshold, Low-Threshold, Low-Threshold, High-Threshold.


➥ “Speed” back squats will be relative to the athlete in terms of how fast they can move. Even with lighter loading some of your more enduring athletes will not look “fast.” What we want here is zero hesitation from our paused position through concentric range of motion.
➥ Hang Power Clean/Press complex should be heavy enough to feel the weight but not too heavy that it impairs form.
➥ Tuesday’s conditioning work contains Ring Muscle-ups. Make sure your athletes use the available scaling options. If your athlete has 1-2 ring muscle