May 2018 Programming Breakdown

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May CrossFit Programming

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May Endurance Programming

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During the month of May, we’ll be introduced to new benchmark workouts, as well as a few classic CrossFit Benchmarks. Oftentimes, Athletes want to know what is the “focus”, but the most efficient programming is achieved by using a concurrent model of fitness in which we work on improving all aspects of fitness simultaneously. This approach is particularly effective in a group setting. So the short answer to “what is the focus” is that we are improving all aspects of fitness 365 days a year. Essentially becoming more well-rounded to handle a variety of tasks, and improve individual limitations. Performing set cycles of work neglects many aspects of fitness and will not lend itself to your overall goals; this is why we use a set template of programming, rather than random events spread out during the week. A set template also allows for proper central nervous system recovery. Lastly, it’s important to not underestimate the value of “low-demand” work. Adding stress on top of stress will take you further away from your goals and likely lead to overtraining. If you see particular training days that don’t look as “sexy,” don’t be fooled, as this work is incredibly valuable. Lying dead on the floor after every workout is not the goal, so higher-threshold work is carefully managed in this plan.

Endurance class will continue to havea balance of AMRAPs and traditional “Rounds” style workouts. The goal as always is to build a better engine. You’re capacity as athletes will be tested daily, and the goal is for you to learn how to pace and breathe properly so you can maximize your potential. Some workouts will have a mix of “strength” style movements and plenty of core work, because alongside highly aerobic workouts these strength/core movements will assist in helping you become the best overall version of yourself.

CrossFit April Benchmarks

Max Effort Lower

  1. Regular Stance High Box Squat 3RM
  2. Touch n Go Deadlift Heavy 5
  3. Clean + Jerk (last done 1.1)
  4. Back Squat (last done 1.1)

Max Effort Upper

1)Bench Press

Dynamic Effort Lower

  1. Speed Back Squat w. 1 Count Pause/Seated
  2. Dynamic Box Jumps: Continued from April on 5/3 and 5/10
  3. Wide Stance Box Squat Wave: 5/17, 5/24, and 5/31

Dynamic Effort Upper

  1. Strict C2B Pull-ups/Single Arm DB Bench Press
  2. Supinated Grip Rows/Bar Dips
  3. Close Grip Bench Press/Barbell Row

Conditioning Benchmarks

  1. Grace
  2. Blue Steel (new)
  3. Icebreak (new)
  4. DG (Hero WOD)
  5. Freshmen (new)
  6. Nor’Easter (new)
  7. Run Forrest (old benchmark)
  8. New Workout Plan (new)
  9. Gameday (new)
  10. Murph (done last Memorial Day)