May 2018: Athletes of the month

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Congrats to our
April Athletes of the month!

Thanks for being a daily example of CrossFit Main Lines core values and what it mean to be a ‘Rock Star CrossFitter’.

As Athlete of the month you’re officially on the ballet for 2018 Athlete of the Year and have access to your vary own locker during the month of May!

CrossFit Main Line – Ardmore

Christopher Moll

Chris. Member of the Month. What more is there to say. Such a positive, enthusiastic, fun individual in our community. We’ve know Chris since he was in undergrad and now medical school!

Tell us how you found CrossFit, and what brought you to CFML?

I did a little Crossfit in high school as part of my training for the track team. After graduating, I tried to run and workout on my own. That did not go so well. So, I decided to join CFML during my junior year at Saint Joseph’s University.

What’s a day in the life of Chris, outside of slinging barbells and throwing down burpees?

Sadly, a majority of my time right now is spent studying for my upcoming board exam (Step 1) in medical school. After that’s done, I hope to race sprint cars on the weekends again. This summer, I will also be starting my clinical rotations and interacting with actual patients instead of books!  

You have three choices. You are about to be transformed into either: A seagull, a porcupine (a mean one), or a moose. You have 10 seconds to decide. And why?

First, I would like to say that this is a very good question. Let’s start with the seagull, a majestic free spirit that can fly through the clouds without a care in the world. Seagulls have a boisterous call that notifies all around them that they have arrived. As for porcupines, these sharp-quilled and sharp-witted mammals leave a lasting impression on everyone around them and have the swag to back it up. But in conclusion, I choose the moose because it is large and in charge.  

If we played a theme song for every member as they walked into the gym (Coach Ray, let’s do this), what would your song be? 2) If you could go on stage with any artist to throw down a line or two, who (and where) would it be?

The theme song I would walk out to would be Eye of the Tiger. I don’t really have an answer for the artist – I would rather lip sync/karaoke by myself, so I could have some fun, make fool of myself and laugh about it. I would need a little encouragement of atmosphere and friends, though.

CrossFit Main Line – Wayne

Doug Ghetty

Doug Getty, an OG, 4+ year veteran original CFML. It’s an honor to announce you as the CFML – Wayne Athlete of the Month!

When did you start with us, and do you remember your first workout at CFML?
I joined three CFML locations ago. I don’t recall the exact date, but the location had some grumpy bankers above the box who complained whenever we dropped the weights or cranked the music.  On my first day, the coaches assured me that my inabilities were completely fixable. A work still in process…

Everyone has had a nickname at some time. Maybe it was in High School or what your mom calls you. Share the one that resonates the most.
My nicknames have evolved over time. At birth, my Mom called me Dougiewougie. In grade school, it was Spagetty. In high school, it was Dougiefresh or Big D. Today, my wife has a nickname for me that I can’t share.

Would you rather…win $1 Billion Dollars or be able to fly? Why?
I’d rather win the $1billion since I don’t like heights. But I could never afford the taxes.   

You can have a pet *anything*. Anything goes. What’s your go to.
I currently have a chocolate lab who is the greatest dude in the world, but a bit lazy.  So if I could have any pet in the world, it would be the same cool dude, but with the ability to catch a frisbee or retrieve a ball.

Doug has 3 daughters. Whats it like living in a house with 4 women?
It’s complicated and I’m outnumbered. And if I don’t say anything, they listen. My girls are the best, but it’s refreshing when select, pre-approved boys come around so I can talk sports or watch a game.