Weekly Programming Breakdown 4.23.18 – 4.29.18

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CrossFit Main Line
Weekly Programing Breakdown
4.923.18 – 4.29.18


Front Squat Wave

Push Press

Speed Squat with 1 count pause

Speed Hang Power Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk


‘The Chief’: Last complete 12.4.17

“Black Out”

“Jack” Last complete 8.15.18

“The Bear”


The week marks the start of a new block of programming. Often times people ask, “is there a specific focus this month?” The short answer is no. Conjugate programming is concurrent training where we work to improve all aspects of fitness 365 days of year. This method is especially valuable for general population athletes that train in CrossFit classes, where Athletes schedules and lives outside the gym are unpredictable at best. In each block of programming, you can see a rotation of speed work, max effort work, special exercises, and GPP measures. Conditioning work runs on a high/low model where the bulk of our work is lower-threshold and high-threshold work makes up roughly 2-3 pieces a week that are strategically placed in each microcycle. During this particular block, you will have the chance to test some classic lifts and classic conditioning pieces, as well as work on improving efficiency with the hang power clean + jerk complex.



– Wave loading is a method used to potentiate subsequent sets. This work does NOT need to be maximal.
– There should be zero hesitation with speed back squats. Often times athletes go too heavy with these. Don’t let that happen.
– Athletes should make sure they have record of their last benchmark times, and have a plan in place to beat those records.