February 2018 Programming Breakdown


CrossFit Main Line Programming Breakdown for February 2018

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During the month of February, you will see fewer conditioning/testing workouts as we prepare to embark on the 5-week long “CrossFit Open”.  Decreasing these testing workouts will insure that Athletes do not burn out, plateau, or become injured. Even if competing in the CrossFit Open is not in your universe, the excitement surrounding the event can be felt in each workout this month.

For those participating in the CrossFit Open, the max effort strength work this month remains consistent. Due to its nature, max effort work volume is generally low, limiting the risk when combined with high intensity metcons. This removes the need to de-load or peak before the CrossFit Open. After the Open, take advantage of our Barbell Club to give your body a chance to recover.

We’ll be testing vital pieces like the Power Clean and Sumo Deadlift, and we’ll also have the chance to perform some repetition work with heavy Back Squat EMOM workouts. Lastly, we’ll test a 3RM Overhead Squat. Even though we don’t perform these as often because of their low trainability, you will have likely improved because we’ve worked on balance and stability via unilateral special exercises in the previous months.

Once the CrossFit Open begins on February 23, all higher-threshold work will be front-loaded toward the beginning of the week. During the Open, workouts are released on Thursday evenings at 8pm, making it difficult to program Friday and Saturday’s workouts in advance and ensuring that their movement patterns do not conflict. For this reason, you will notice that Friday and Saturday’s workouts will be left blank until the day of, starting February 23 through March 24.

Additional Key Points

Low-intensity work is crucial to your health and longevity. We’ve seen a lot of athletes burn out at other boxes that subscribe to “all-high-intensity-all-the-time” model. We’ll be ahead of the curve because we can build value in what you really need.

February Benchmarks

Max Effort Lower
1) Overhead Squat: 3RM
2) Power Clean 1RM
3) Back Squat: Heavy 1 + EMOM
4) Sumo Deadlift: 1RM

Max Effort Upper
1) Shoulder Press: 1RM
2) Row/Tricep Superset
3) Floor Press: 1RM
4) Strict Pull-up Max
5) Strict Chin-up Max
6) Push-up Max
7) HSPU Max

Dynamic Effort Lower

1) Front Box Squat

Conditioning Benchmarks

1) Deadball V2
2) Rolling Stone
3) Mr. Clean
4) Uncle Buck
5) Karen
6) 18.1