December 2017 Programming Breakdown

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CrossFit Main Line Programming Breakdown for December 2017

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CrossFit Main Line has scheduled a significant increase in the amount of “aerobic power” work for the month of December. This work is vital for improving Athletes’ ability to sustain higher levels of aerobic work without cracking their anaerobic threshold and thus using their store of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which takes significantly longer for the body to replenish.

In addition to being essential to CrossFit (in particular the CrossFit Open), this work facilitates recovery so Athletes can push harder for the entirety of their training sessions. For some, this work can actually facilitate lipolysis (fat burning), so the list of benefits is lengthy.

In terms of strength and power development, we will see the introduction of some new movements such as the glute barbell bridge and specific gymnastics strength work, as well as developing more efficiency with the hang power snatch done on dynamic effort upper-body training days.

Dynamic effort sessions will see two movements, the box squat and the speed pull deadlift, appear twice this month. These sessions are designed to be fast-paced. This work should actually increase the effect of your conditioning work.

The level of intensity/volume remains comparable to other blocks of programming. Make sure if you haven’t already downloaded our pacing guide, please do so from our blog. This can be a major difference in how you respond to the programming. Posters of the pacing guide are also available at the Box.

With several holidays this month, Holiday Workouts have been added to the schedule.

December Benchmarks

Max Effort Lower

1) Multiple Pause Front Squat

2) BB Glute Bridge

3) Zercher Box Squat 2RM

4) Power Clean Cluster

5) Sumo Deadlift off 2” plates

Max Effort Upper

1) Handstand Push-ups

2) Wide Grip Pull-ups Volume

Dynamic Effort Lower

1) Box Squat: 8 x 3

2) Speed Pull Deadlift

Dynamic Effort Upper

1) Speed Floor Press (1 week)

2) Hang Power Snatch x 2 weeks

Conditioning Benchmarks

1) The Chief
2) Chuck Taylors
3) Girls Gone Wild
4) Pavement
5) Up the Wall
6) FGB
7) Tunnel Vision
8) Complex A
9) 12 Days of CF
10) 8 Crazy Nights
11) 11.5
12) Teen Spirit
13) Double Jump
14) 2017