CFML News 3/4/24

24.1 Recap

“Everyone has a plan…
’till they get punched in the face.”
– Mike Tyson

CrossFit Open 24.1 brought forth a cascade of varied approaches at CFML. Some athletes dove headfirst into the workout, seizing the moment and trusting in their training—a sentiment Coach Chelsey often champions as “letting Jesus take the wheel”. Meanwhile, others meticulously crafted strategies, recognizing the importance of pacing, especially during the demanding burpees, knowing well that fatigue can derail the best-laid plans.

Among our RX athletes, Coach Bre from Wayne set a blazing trail with an impressive time of 7:16. However, the average RX time settled at 13:00. In the scaled division, Steve Rae from Ardmore showcased a time of 8:47, while the scaled average stood at 13:15.

As we reflect, our sights are already set on 24.2. Join us as we await the announcement on Thursday at 3pm ET on

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📅 March 15, Friday Night Lights
🔥 March Programming Focus
🇺🇸 April 27, Manion

Join Us for Friday Night Lights: Wrapping Up the 2024 CrossFit Open in Style!

Get ready to wrap up the 2024 CrossFit Open in style at our Friday Night Lights on March 15th! We’re throwing down at 5:30 PM for an awesome WOD followed by some grub and good times. It’s all about celebrating our wins and bonding with the community.

Each gym’s got its own vibe for the night, so keep an eye out for updates at your box.

And here’s the deal: we’re hoping to see none of your faces at the morning workouts that day! Instead, make it a date to sweat it out at 5:30 PM. Trust us, it’ll be worth it.

Oh, and before you hit the gym, check into the 5:30 PM class in Wodify and drop a comment about what you’re bringing. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Ardmore: Moose/Hamburger sliders. BYOB + a side dish to share.
  • Wayne: Pizza. BYOB.
  • Plymouth: Potluck style! Bring a dish to share and your own drinks.

Let’s make this a night to remember as we close out the Open together. See you all there!

March programming Focus

February brought us some exciting training leading into the first week of the CF Open. The first big win was testing a 1-RM Back Squat/ Deadlift.

We continued to see old CF Open retest workouts along with testing out Benchmark for the month: The Chief! Leading into the first week of the Open we saw higher effort workouts towards the beginning of the week that slowly tapered off into lower effort workouts to make sure everyone was geared up for the Open workout on Friday!

Let’s see how we are going to finish the CF Open strong in March and highlight any other training focuses.

The first two weeks of March are going to be similarly built to the final week of February. This is to make sure that everyone gets a solid week of workouts, strength + high effort metcons, even if they can’t attend the CF Open workout on Friday.

Post CF Open, we will have our Leading Ladies Week, which honors National Women’s Month with a week full of Classic Female Benchmarks and some new Female Benchmarks we’ve created ourselves!

We will also be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a themed workout that surely will have you leaving the gym feeling lucky.

We will be testing Fran as our Benchmark workout this month, and we will also see the Hero Workout Laura during Leading Ladies Week.     

Honor Travis Manion’s Legacy:
Join CFML for the Manion Hero WOD on April 27th

Join your CFML community on Saturday, April 27th as we pay tribute to 1st Lt Travis Manion, USMC, with a Workout to Honor Travis’ Legacy. The Manion Hero WOD brings together veterans, families of the fallen, and inspired civilians annually, commemorating Travis’ life and sacrifice. Hosted by CrossFit boxes, ruck clubs, and gyms nationwide, participants honor Travis by completing a 400-meter run and 29 weighted back squats for 7 rounds, echoing the date of his ultimate sacrifice on April 29th, 2007. Registration is not mandatory but appreciated by the Manion Foundation. Register at to show your support. Let’s come together to honor Travis’ courage and legacy in a workout that embodies his spirit of service and sacrifice.

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CFML Weekly Workout Recap: March 4th Edition with Coach Michelle

On Monday, we focused on a moderate 3-wrap strict press, followed by an open-style workout of rowing, chest-to-bar pull-ups, and ascending thrusters in a 9-minute AMRAP. Tuesday featured heavy 3-wrap hang snatches and a 10-round metcon of squat snatches, dumbbell box step overs, and up-downs. Wednesday’s highlight was a clean complex emphasizing double-unders and heavy power cleans. Thursday’s 25-minute EMOM combined skill and endurance, prepping us for the second Open workout. Saturday concluded with a 20-minute hero workout involving ring muscle-ups, hand-release push-ups, and kettlebell swings. Here’s to a successful Open Week 1 and a favorable Week 2!