CFML News 2/12/24

CFML-Plymouth Meeting Athletes Launch The Randolph Group to Support Dual Disability and Mental Health Needs

Merrilee and I both come from families with members who are mentally handicapped. In my case, it was my cousin Julia. Our family relocated from Florida to Alabama to assist my aunt and uncle in caring for Julie. Despite her inability to communicate verbally, I’ve always considered Julie to be the most influential teacher in my life.

Merrilee’s cousin Sam, who resides locally in Chester County, lives in a group home. He has a passion for playing the drums and possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the Beatles and the Eagles. It’s individuals like Sam and Julia that draw our attention to stories like that of CFML – Plymouth Meeting athletes Lisa Corley, Danae and Janice Logan.

Just last week, they launched their inaugural business venture, The Randolph Logan Group, which provides housing support for individuals with both developmental and mental health challenges. At CFML, our members are involved in remarkable endeavors, and we occasionally share these stories to remind you that being part of CFML means being part of a larger community beyond just fitness—a community of exceptional individuals who support their communities and pursue their passions.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Randolph Group, you can find additional information here. And if you’d like to show your support for their new business, consider leaving them a 5-star review.

– Coach Daniel

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As the CFML – Plymouth Meeting Leader for February, Clay Robertson epitomizes dedication and strength within the community. Joining just over a year ago, Clay’s unwavering commitment shines through, attending sessions almost daily. His remarkable progress underscores his steadfastness, evident in his impressive milestones like the recent 315 back squat and 405 deadlift personal records. Not only does Clay excel in strength training, but he also enthusiastically embraces Coach Chelsey’s cardio sessions. Clay’s presence embodies resilience and camaraderie, inspiring fellow members to push boundaries and achieve their best selves. His leadership and enthusiasm make him a standout figure in the CFML community. Enjoy the Leader Jersey and dedicated parking spot for the remainder of 2024.

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Valentine’s Week WOD Brief: Spread Love and PRs at CFML!

Attention, athletes! Coach Michelle here with your Valentine’s edition WOD Brief for the week. Whether you’re celebrating with a loved one, friends, family, or dedicating time to self-care, let’s infuse Valentine’s spirit into our workouts.

Today’s workout features heart-pumping exercises: hang cleans, front squats, toes to bar, and double unders. Prior to that, showcase your strength with a heavy 4 rep front squat from the hang position.

Tuesday brings the benchmark workout Diane, alongside close grip bench press to enhance daily CrossFit movements. Wednesday, celebrate Valentine’s Day with a partner workout, followed by intense sessions throughout the week.

Let’s spread love and PRs! See you in class!

Advice For Anyone Nervous About the CrossFit Open

What advice would you give someone who’s nervous about doing the Open?

If you’re hesitant or nervous about doing the CrossFit Open, you’re not alone. The Open is a chance to show up, put yourself out there, and try something new with the support of your gym community. And that’s definitely worth celebrating.

Talk to your coach, choose the best version of the workout for your ability level, and take the leap!

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