CFML NEWS 1/29/24

PRs are coming!

February promises to be an exciting month at CFML. Below, find more details on our programming focus.


Over the weekend, two teenage athletes from our community competed at CrossFit Vertex in Scranton. These determined 11-year-old girls, Erin Viola and Adrienne Godshall, impressed in all three events. Erin clinched 4th place overall, narrowly missing 2nd by a mere 2 seconds in the final event. Both girls secured 2nd in one event and finished among the top 7 out of 18 athletes in the 10–12-year-old division. Their exceptional athleticism and mental fortitude, exemplifying great sportsmanship, make us proud to have them in our community.

AND.. Don’t Forget:

The CrossFit Open begins on February 29. Why should you register? Test your limits, foster community spirit, and support CrossFit. For three consecutive Fridays, we’ll tackle the workouts in class, culminating in a thrilling Friday Night Lights event on March 16. As Coach Ray says, FNL transforms into lively gatherings filled with fun and a touch of mischief.

Now, let’s dive into February’s workouts:

We’ve revamped our programming to ensure that, no matter how often you join us each week, you’re guaranteed to experience strength and high-intensity workouts. Additionally, to cater to our natural inclinations, we’ve assigned the same strength movements to specific days.

Squat variation: Back Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, etc.

Overhead Variation: Push Jerk, Bench Press, Overhead Squat, etc.

Long Haul Cardio: 20+min, aerobic capacity, this sweat fest

Olympic Lift Variation: Snatch & Clean Progressions

Deadlift Variation: Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift, Use Kettlebells or Dumbbells

Hero WOD: Partner Up or go Solo

We began the year by emphasizing back squats and deadlifts, foundational exercises that yield BIG results. This cycle introduced a twist, with some lifts following high-intensity workouts, priming us for the CrossFit Open.

We wrap things up the week of 2/5 with 1RM back squats and deadlifts, so mark your calendars and fuel up with your Wheaties!

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🏋️‍♂️ PRs are coming!
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Justyna Stewart: CrossFit Main Line’s Athlete of the Month Rocks the Gym and Community!

CrossFit Main Line is excited to shout out Justyna Stewart as a CFML Leader! Justyna is that awesome person who’s always the first to say hi and make you feel at home. She’s not just about the workouts – you’ll catch her spending extra time at the gym doing mobility and accessory work, setting an example for all of us.

Originally from the UK and recently married, Justyna’s also a big dog lover who pedals her way to the gym, year around! She’s all about connecting with everyone and isn’t afraid to tackle the most challenging CrossFit movements head on.

For her dedication, Justyna scores the coveted White Leader jersey and primo parking in the Leader spot for the whole of 2024. Way to go, Justyna – you rock our CrossFit world!

“Coach Michelle’s Weekly WOD Brief: Deloading Strength, Benchmark Workouts, and Hero WOD Challenges Await!”

This week’s WOD brief with Coach Michelle highlights a deload phase in the strength cycle, preparing for back squat and deadlift maxes next week. Keep weights under 70% for five sets of five on both lifts, focusing on refining technique and resetting the nervous system.

Monday’s Metcon features two parts: three rounds for time of biking, double dumbbell hand cleaning jerks, and bar muscle-ups, followed by a chipper of these movements. Tuesday introduces the benchmark workout Nancy, comprising five rounds of a 400-meter run and 15 overhead squats, with time allotted to find a heavy squat snatch single.

Wednesday emphasizes consistent efforts across three sets with ascending reps, while Thursday involves priming cleans with a complex and revisiting an open workout from 2015. Friday incorporates a Groundhog’s Day theme, featuring a post-workout deadlift deload of five sets of five.

Saturday’s workout includes the Hero WOD Kelsu, challenging participants either solo or in pairs. Each session promises to test endurance and strength.

Pre-Orders End This week
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Narberth Ambulance Hosts CPR Certs @ CFML

Sign up starts this week at the gym

CFML Athlete to Note:

Coach Deane Mariotti, CFML’s 2023 Wayne Leader, was named the 2023 PA Soccer Coach of the Year! Deane led the Pioneers to their third PIAA 4A title appearance since 2019. With a stellar 21-4 record, ‘Stoga dominated the Central League, finishing 15-2 in the regular season. Read More.

If you haven’t heard Adam’s story yet, it’s time you did. Despite his demanding job and family commitments, Adam has remained connected to CFML over the past decade. In July 2023, Adam experienced an unusual tingling sensation in his hand, leading to a swift diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome—a rare autoimmune disorder that attacks the nervous system, causing paralysis. To learn more about Adam’s journey and contribute to his medical expenses, visit the link. Follow his inspiring story on FaceBook.