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Think of habits like hitting the gym—they get easier with practice until you nail them. Failing at double-unders, pull-ups, or muscle-ups? Quitting won’t cut it. Keep giving it a shot, and don’t shy away from asking for tips. Learning from the pros who’ve mastered those habits can fast-track your success.

Don’t bail on your habit challenge if you hit a snag. Hit the reset button, do it again, and again until it clicks. Trust me, building new healthy habits usually involves a bunch of false starts. Don’t wait until the perfect time to start. Jump in whenever. Start by challenging yourself for 24-hour. By March, you might be rocking a cool new habit—or even a couple! Embrace the process, enjoy the ride, and see the magic that comes from sticking with it.

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🎉 CFML – Ardmore LEADER, John and Kelly Huyette
🏋️‍♂️ Fail. Fail. Win. Just keep moving forward.
❄️ Apparel Pre-Order. Deadline Feb. 2
🤔 February Heart Health Month
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Dynamic Duo: John and Kelly Huyette Named CFML-Ardmore Leaders of the Month, Dominating Workouts and Inspiring at Every Turn!

Meet the dynamic duo, John and Kelly Huyette, our CFML – Ardmore Leaders of the Month. John’s journey at CFML began in 2017 when he bravely walked through our doors. Introduced to CrossFit with our “baseline” workout, he faced a daunting 500m Row, 40 squats, 30 sit-ups, 20 push-ups, and 10 pull-ups. Although the workout left him sitting dizzy on a box, today, John effortlessly cruises through Baseline in under 4 minutes and boasts a mighty 500# deadlift.

Not to be outdone, Kelly joined CFML in 2022, becoming a regular at our 9:30 AM workouts. Eager to challenge herself with handstands, pull-ups, and skill work, Kelly mirrors John’s determined attitude and presence in the gym. Congratulations to the powerhouse pair, John and Kelly Huyette, for earning the well-deserved title of CFML-Ardmore Leaders of the Month. Wear the jersey and park in the Leader spot with pride throughout 2024! 🏋️‍♂️💪🎉

Coach Michelle’s Weekly WOD Brief: Crush Heavy Lifts, Sprint WODs, and Take on Classic Challenges!

We kick off the week with the fourth round of our strength cycle, conquering eight sets of two reps, pushing the intensity to 85-90% of our max. Brace yourself for the challenge and focus on nailing solid mechanics, full range of motion, and pushing your limits. The WOD involves three 4-minute AMRAPs with hanging power cleans, front squats, and bar over burpees, coupled with a calorie bike buy-in each time. With a small rep range and lighter weight, let’s sprint through and pick up where you left off each round.

Tuesday introduces strict press strength and revisits the 2012 CrossFit Open Workout—an 18-minute AMRAP featuring box jumps, push press, and toes to bar. Reflect on your fitness journey over the past 12 years!

Wednesday’s longer workout comprises heavy Russian swings, weighted lunges, and an escalating calorie row in a 24-minute AMRAP. It’s a grind—push yourself and see how far you can go.

Thursday focuses on snatches and adds a twist to the hero workout Randy. Build to a heavy power snatch and embrace barbell cycling with a twist. Keep that bar moving to avoid bar muscle-ups or burpee pull-ups.

Closing the week, we tackle deadlifts in our strength cycle and combine two classic girl workouts—Annie and Karen—in a mashup named Uncanny. Expect double unders, sit-ups, and wall balls galore.

Finally, Saturday brings a classic triple of running and cleaning jerks, with solo or partner options. It’s guaranteed to kick off the weekend with a buzz.

That wraps up your weekly WOD Brief! Have an awesome week, and I’ll catch you in class. 🏋️‍♂️✨

Act Fast: Limited Edition Apparel Pre-Order Selling Out! Secure Your Style Before It’s Gone!

Hurry, our apparel pre-order is flying off the shelves! In just 7 days, we’re nearly sold out, and if you missed the Vuori joggers, now’s your chance to secure your favorite gear. Act fast and sign up for pre-orders only—no extras available on the rack. We guarantee a 100% fit satisfaction, or your money back. Don’t miss out on the latest styles; reserve yours now before it’s gone. Elevate your wardrobe with quality apparel designed to make you look and feel your best. It’s a limited-time offer, so seize the opportunity today! 👕✨ #FashionForward #LimitedEdition #PreOrderNow

Save Lives with Us: Heart Health CPR Certification Session on February 24th with Narberth Ambulance!

Join us on February 24 for Heart Health Awareness Month! We’re partnering with Narberth Ambulance to bring CPR certifications to each gym. Narberth Ambulance will be on-site, offering a comprehensive 60-minute CPR certification session. Take this opportunity to enhance your life-saving skills and contribute to a heart-healthy community. Don’t miss this chance to learn from the experts and make a difference. Mark your calendars and join us for a session that could make a significant impact. Your participation matters in building a safer and healthier environment for all. Let’s prioritize heart health together! 💙🏥 #HeartHealth #CPRCertification #CommunityWellness