CFML News 12/18/23

2023 RECAP
 BIG WINS IN 2023 

01. We Successfully Launched Performance and Fitness! In 2023, we launched the Performance & Fitness version of the Workouts. The Performance version allows athletes who want the opportunity for higher skills and heavier loading to get after it. While the Fitness version provides a more moderate expression of the workout. This new leveling system helped both coaches and athletes create the best possible experience every single day – whether that meant tackling one of the versions ‘as-is’ or creating a unique hybrid based on the specific athlete. 

02. We Planned the Year in Macro Cycles! In 2023, we broke the year down into (4) Macro Cycles that were focused on successfully tackling the Open followed by a full-year of training. Our final strength cycle proves that athletes finished the year fitter and more well-rounded than they started, with 75% of Athletes set personal records! This year, we will see (4) Macro Cycles again with different focuses, improved cycles, and clearly defined benchmarks and tests!


01. Less is More…More Efficient in 2024 

– Coaches need to have time to coach…and on a handful days in 2023 we missed the mark with our timelines. 

Strength Cycle…More lifts, More frequently

– In 2023, our Strength Cycles lived in the 8-Week territory throughout the year. While this is tried and true in Strength & Conditioning and works well, see our latest PRs, it can get a little long in the CrossFit world. 

– In 2024, we will look to simplify and shorten our cycles with a focus on building strength across a 6-7 week timeline with clear week to week instructions in the monthly focuses. Most days of the week you will see strength work as we move skill development to clinics.

Gymnastics skill work… More clinics, less class work

  • In 2023 we saw a decline in class attendance on days we spent time development gymnastics skill work. While this is important, we know that the more often you workout at CFML the fitter and healthier you become.
  • In 2024, we will move skill and gymnastics work to clinics so those that those that want to develop these can have dedicated time.

Benchmarks…Clearer Core Tests in 2024 

  • In 2023, we set out to test & re-test 12 benchmarks throughout the year. While we delivered on most of those tests…a few needed to be moved around or adjusted which was not our original intention. 
  • In 2024, we’ve refined our approach to testing by planning one core benchmark per month. Each of these core tests will be re-tested 3 months later. In addition to these monthly core tests, we will also include a handful of other classics (CF, and Noteables) each month…plus at least (1) Hero workout a month. These other classic workouts may or may not be retested as the year goes on (some will, some won’t…be ready!).


• No Newsletter 12/25/23 as we take time off to celebrate the holiday.

CFML Holiday Schedule

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Watch… Weekly Breakdown
• Monday – Long Metcon
• Tuesday – Rep Max, Medium Metcon
• Wednesday – Partner, Sprint
• Thursday – Rep Max, Partner Sprint
• Friday – Long Metcon
• Saturday – Rep Max, Partner Sprint
• Sunday – Long Metcon

Don’t be a cotton-headed ninny muggins

Deck the halls with laughter! CFML’s holiday apparel just dropped, and guess what? We’re practically Santa’s workshop – a few fan favorites sold out faster than Rudolph dashing through the snow. Thanks to a wild collab with Voodoo Barbell, we’re bringing holiday cheer that even Clark Griswold would envy. Are you serious, Clark? The Grinch himself might trade in his green for our festive threads! Don’t be a cotton-headed ninny muggins; snag yours before they vanish like Frosty in July. ‘Tis the season to be stylish and seriously jolly – no humbugs allowed! 🎅👕🎄

“Empower Your Friends to Prioritize Health: Free December Classes at CFML Await!”

As a CFML Athlete, you’ve shown that a hectic schedule doesn’t hinder achieving fitness and wellness goals. Encourage your friends to do the same—whether they’re gearing up for a race, recovering from an injury, or just aiming for a healthier lifestyle, we’ve got the solution. Begin with a trial class, and for the rest of December, they can join for FREE. Our personalized approach in group sessions ensures an adaptable plan for any day’s challenges. Remind your friends that a busy day shouldn’t compromise their health. No need for reservations throughout December. Let them experience it firsthand!


Dropping the kids off at Coach Wendi’s Elves Day Out, then taking a leisurely stroll to Starbucks. I’ll be enjoying a piping hot coffee—no need for the microwave dance. The goal? Find a snug corner, bask in uninterrupted bliss during my solo coffee time. #HOLIDAYSTRESSRELIEF in full swing. It’s the little things that make a day, don’t you think? ☕️👩‍👧‍👦🧘‍♀️

Calorie torching workout of the week 🏃‍♂️💪

CFML Top Times:
Steve Ray, 20:55 (scaled)
Dustin Engel, 25:37 (Rx)

Complete the workout, like the song. Round one is one HSPU. Round 2 is 2 OHS then 1 HSPU. Round 3 is 3 Snatches, 2 OHS, 1 HSPU. Etc……

“12 Days of Christmas”
3 Snatch
4 Dead Lifts
5 Box Jumps
6 K2E
7 Burpees
8 Kettlebell Swings
9 Ring Dips
10 Walking Lunges
11 Sit Ups
12 Ball Slams



Big thanks to everyone who joined the Saturday Rowing Clinic at CFML – Plymouth Meeting! If rowing feels like a hiccup in your CrossFit game, here’s the fix. Spend just one hour to enhance your technique and grasp common pitfalls induced by fatigue. It’s a golden opportunity to refine your rowing skills, boost efficiency, and conquer those CrossFit challenges. Invest an hour, reap the gains. Row, row, row your boat, smoothly and skillfully through your WODs! 🚣‍♂️💪


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