CFML News 12/11/23


We can all agree that regular exercise offers numerous health benefits, positively influencing our overall well-being. Improved mood, enhanced mobility, and better overall health are some of the perks. Recently, an increasing body of evidence has emerged, underscoring the remarkably positive effects of training in the style of CrossFit: a regimen featuring varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. While skeptics have previously scrutinized CrossFit for its intensity and emphasis on strength training, newly published data not only absolves it but also champions intermittent, high-intensity exercises and strength training.

Through video posts and podcasts, three influential figures with MD/PhD credentials delve into these studies, shedding light on the advantages of intensity and muscle development.

CrossFit, characterized by constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity, prioritizes functional strength training as a fundamental aspect of its workouts. At CrossFit Main Line, monthly progressions guide participants in enhancing strength and elevating their V02 max through intensity, ultimately contributing to an extended lifespan.

One of the distinctive features of CrossFit is its adaptability, making it suitable for individuals of all ages. The benefits are not confined to a specific starting point in life, as evidenced by John, CFMLs oldest Athlete at at 78.


• ARTICLE: The Nature Cure: How Time Outdoors Transforms Our Memory, Imagination & Logic– Do we really need more evidence?!

• WATCH… How to do 26 burpee pull-ups in a minute. 

• X… A glimpse into the National Park Service’s humorous tweets.


Watch… Weekly Breakdown
• Monday – 1RM, Sprint Metcon
• Tuesday – 1RM, Long Partner Metcon
• Wednesday – Snatch, Long Metcon
• Thursday – Long Metcon
• Friday – 1RM. Sprint Metcon
• Saturday – Benchmark
• Sunday – Long Metcon

8 Crazy Nights & 12 Days of Christmas Workouts Unleashed! 🎅🏋️‍♂️

Get ready to jingle those kettlebells and sleigh those burpees! CFML is about to unleash the chaos with their annual “8 Crazy Nights and 12 Days of Christmas Workouts.” It’s the only time of the year when Santa trades in his cookies for protein shakes, and the elves become certified CrossFit coaches.🎄🏋️‍♀️ Brace yourselves for festive fitness fun, where the only thing getting roasted is your core! 🔥💪

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Got my game plan ready!

Dropping the kids at Coach Wendi’s Elves Day Out, strolling to Starbucks, and sipping a hot coffee—fresh, no microwaving it thrice. The mission? Park myself in a cozy corner, zero interruptions, and revel in the bliss of solitary coffee time. #HOLIDAYSTRESSRELIEF in action. It’s the small joys, right? ☕️👩‍👧‍👦🧘‍♀️

Calorie torching workout of the week 🏃‍♂️💪

Keep your lats engaged for the 1RM and TNG reps in the workout.

Deadlift 1RM
— Then —
800m Run
20 Deadlifts
400m Run
10 Deadlifts

BACK SQUAT: Last test of the week. Keep your lats engaged to insure proper positioning of the back and drive through the legs.

WORKOUT: Push the pace on the run and return the barbell right away for your first set of deadlifts. Limit the rest during the transition time, your hamstrings will be tires, but get right after it.


Boosting confidence can be a challenge, especially for kids.

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