CFML News 11/27/23

Jingle All the Weights


Hey CFML Crew!

Guess what? The holiday madness is officially upon us, and we’ve got more excitement than my 3 kids crushing down the toy isle at Costco! 🎉

December is all about giving, and at CFML, we’re taking that seriously. It’s Bring a Buddy Month – tag along your pals, your family, even your distant cousin who’s always looking for an excuse to wear his funky holiday sweater. And here’s the deal: Buy your workout buddy a little somethin’ somethin’ (a $50 gift card, to be precise), and we’ll sprinkle $25 of workout magic into your account.

But wait, there’s more! You and your buddy can dive into our FREE rowing clinic on December 9th – because nothing says holiday cheer like perfecting your rowing technique. Let’s row our way to fitness, people!

Does your buddy have kids too? Elves Day Out is back on December 23rd! Drop off your little elves at Coach Wendi’s shindig, where we’ll keep them entertained with games, fun, and maybe a little glitter. You go do your grown-up thing – like sipping coffee or wrapping presents without interruption.

Let the festivities begin! 🎅✨


REMINDER… Gear up, vote, and brace for the $50 annual CFML gear fee on 12/10! Your muscles and opinions matter. 🏋️‍♂️🗳️

LEARN…Fat Burning vs. Fat Loss. Understand the discrepancy between training in the “fat burning” zone and actually training to lose body fat. There is a difference which can be tricky to comprehend. Power your potential.
HISTORY…The history of the mustache
RESEARCHHIIT exercise reduces coronary plaques! This is incredible, because coronary plaque accumulation has mostly been deemed irreversible.


Watch… Weekly Breakdown
• Monday – Heavy + Sprint Metcon
• Tuesday – XLong Metcon
• Wednesday – Heavy + Sprint Metcon
• Thursday – Skill + Long Metcon
• Friday – Heavy + Sprint Metcon
• Saturday – Partner, Long Metcon
• Sunday – XLong Metcon

🌟 Sail into December with your workout buddy! 🌟

Join us on December 9th, 10:30 am at CFML – Ply. Mtg., for a rowing experience like no other. 🚣‍♂️ It’s not just a clinic; it’s a laughter-filled voyage to rowing excellence! 💪 Wave goodbye to your RowVember frowns, and let our expert coaches turn you into a rowing rockstar. 🎉 Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro, perfect your technique, dodge common mishaps, and embrace rowing greatness with finesse. 🌟 Don’t miss the boat on this epic journey! 🚣‍♀️ #RowingMastery #FunAndFitness

This December, ignite your friends’ fitness journey! 🌟

Gift the joy of fitness this holiday season at CrossFit Main Line! 💪 All month long, bring a friend to any location for FREE – no reservations needed! Immerse yourself in the spirit of community, sweat it out together, and introduce them to the transformative world of CrossFit. 🏋️‍♂️ Spread joy, health, and camaraderie, amplifying your workouts and creating lasting memories with your loved ones. Unwrap the happiness of fitness at CrossFit Main Line – because shared good times are the best kind! 🎁💪 #FitFriends #GiftOfFitness

Brace yourself for the holiday frenzy! 🎄

On Dec 23rd, from 11a-2p, escape the whirlwind at CFML-Wayne! 🌪️ Coach Wendi has your festive fun fix while you tackle holiday mayhem or simply revel in a kid-free breather from the energy-crazed mini-me’s! 🤯 No need for sign-up stress – drop them off for the entire adventure or just a quick pit stop. Your sanity deserves this! 🙌 #ParentingSurvival #CFMLWayneFunTime

Calorie torching workout of the week 🏃‍♂️💪

Heavy Strength and Sprint Workout
Focus on good squat therapy warm up and vertical squat position.

Back Squat
— Then —
“Point Break”
Front Squats
Bar Facing Burpees

BACK SQUAT: Tight position on the way down and standing all the way back up.

WORKOUT: The fastest position is a straight line. Vertical squat position and pacing the burpees to moderate your heart rate.

Spread the warmth this winter! ❄️

CrossFit Main Line is backing local families in need. Each snowflake at the gym represents an item requested by struggling families. Pick a snowflake, wrap the item, label as per the direction sheet, and drop it off at the gym by Saturday, December 2nd, 12 noon. Let’s make their holidays a little brighter! 🌟 Your generosity can make a real difference. #HolidayGiving #CommunitySupport


Double the Gains, Double the Fun: Gift a $50 Card, Get $25 Workout Magic! 💪🎁

Snag the ultimate workout perk! Treat your fitness sidekick to a $50 gift card, and voila! We’ll add $25 of pure workout magic to your account. It’s the gift that keeps on giving – for both of you. So, share the fitness love and let the gains begin! 💪🎁 #FitnessBuddyDeal