CFML News 10/2/23

Meet Kelly Magri Bossier: The CrossFit Enthusiast with a Heart of Gold

From Diving to Deadlifts, Kelly’s Journey to Fitness and Her Dream Life in Sedona

Meet Kelly Magri Bossier, the gym’s friendliest face and a CrossFit enthusiast since her college diving days ended in 2019.

Kelly thrives in the camaraderie of like-minded people, pushing each other to be their best. Her CrossFit journey has seen proud moments, from conquering her first strict pull-up to lifting over 200 pounds and taking on challenging hero WODs like Murph and Chad. Outside the gym, she’s a dog lover, outdoor adventurer, restaurant explorer, board game aficionado, and an Office/Parks and Rec superfan—ideal trivia partner material. Her dream? Living in Sedona, AZ, surrounded by rescued dogs. Kelly is a powerhouse with a heart of gold!


• 1 Bench Press -Wednesday
• 1 Barbell Cycling – Tuesday
• 1 Heavy Day – Sunday
• 2 Short Sprint – Mon. & Wed.
• 1 Long Day – Saturday
• 1 Overhead Squat – Friday
• 1 Skill – Monday


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Fly close to the sun, but be ready to jump on this one!
Calorie torching workout of the week.

“Formula One”

Box Jumps
Overhead Squats

Looking for fast pace, transitions and barbell speed. If mobility is your main limiter, practice the behind neck jerk to stabilize bar overhead without any wobbles. If you can’t stabilize overhead then transition to front squats for today.

Push the pace on the box jumps, but be careful this does not result in a muted hip in the squat.


Next up in on our “Meet the team” series in one of early morning coaches, Celeste! With 11 years of CrossFit experience (complete with the original waiver as a relic), she’s no stranger to the barbells and burpees.

Celeste earned her coaching stripes in 2019 and even decided to hit the books, pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Exercise Science and Wellness. Family-wise, she’s got a team too – husband Pete, son Antonio, and daughter Twila. Her favorite gym move? Strict pull-ups, of course! And when asked about her favorite workout, she’s all about Murph, honoring our heroes while breaking a sweat. Outside the gym, it’s a blend of exercise, food, and mud puddle adventures!


Happy Birthday, CFML Athletes! We’re celebrating 16 heavy lifters, muscles, and cake. Let’s hope none of our dumbbells catch fire! Here’s to more squats, sweat, and those unique cooldown dance moves. Cheers to getting fit and fab, one step closer to those six-pack abs! 🎉🎂💪


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