CFML Weekly 9/25/23

Dynamic Duo Dominates: Meet CrossFit’s Power Couple, Adam and Deane Mariotti!

From Soccer Stardom to Squat Records, This Impressive Pair Rules the Gym and the Field!

Meet the dynamic duo of the CrossFit Main Line – Wayne: Adam and Deane Mariotti, our impressive Leaders of the Month! Deane, the soccer superstar and coach extraordinaire, not only wrangles two energetic kids but also tackles Conestoga High School’s Varsity Girl’s soccer team as their head honcho.

As for Adam, well, he may not have Deane’s soccer skills, but he’s got a talent for heavy squats that can leave anyone in awe. When he’s not pumping iron, he’s a medical doctor specializing in everything from nasal mysteries to head and neck shenanigans.
Together, they’re the ultimate power couple, conquering the worlds of sports and medicine, and probably settling dinner table debates with arm-wrestling matches. So, hats off to the Mariottis, for proving that laughter and squats can make the world go round!


• 1 Bench Press – Saturday
• 1 Barbell Cycling – Friday
• 1 Heavy Day – Friday
• 2 Short Sprint – Wed., Fri.
• 1 Long Day – Thursday
• 1 Overhead Squat – Monday
• 1 Skill – Tuesday


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Wayne, get ready for the grand finale! Ardmore matched Plymouth’s intensity and brought the heat with 2 sold-out classes and waiting line for inBody scans. Be early and discover what your made of. Join Retest Day for a benchmark workouts and precise InBody scans (99%). Track your progress and achieve your fitness goals confidently.

SEPT. 16 – Ply. Mtg.
SEPT. 23 – Ardmore
Sept. 30 – Wayne


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Calorie torching workout of the week.

Snatch Complex
— Then —
2 Sets
*Power Snatch
Handstand Push Ups
*➚ snatch weight

Get ready for this one! After each set of handstand pushups the snatch weight increases making even more challenging to complete the skill work.


CrossFit might appear as a battle with behemoth barbells, but trust us, we’re just your everyday peeps! This week, we’re peeling back the layers of Coach Robbie at Plymouth Meeting.

Now, meet Coach Robbie Williamson, the “Pliability” Bodywork Sleuth. He’s the Sherlock Holmes of pain, tracking it down wherever it hides. Whether he’s treating you on a massage table or in the gym, he’s all in for your success. A proud graduate of “Itaca” College, he’s a ninja at snatching and muscle-ups. The only thing more colossal than his time on the Ithaca Bombers football team? You guessed it – the size of his traps in his college football photo! Feast your eyes on College Robbie’s photo!


Happy Birthday, CFML Athletes! We’re blowing out 13 candles and crossing our fingers that none of our dumbbells catch fire. Here’s to another year of squats, sweat, and questionable dance moves during cooldown stretches. Cheers to getting fit and fabulous, one year closer to those elusive six-pack abs! 🎉🎂💪


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