CFML Weekly 9/18/23

CrossFit Couture: When Gains Meet Glam!

Get Ready to Flex in ‘Black on Black’ and ‘Green on Green’
– The Hottest Trends Since the Kettlebell!

Get ready to flex those muscles in style with our new apparel – the T-shirt, tank top, and hat trio that’ll make even the burliest weightlifters jealous!

Our color options are like playing a game of hide-and-seek in the dark! Try our stealthy “black on black” for when you want to blend in at midnight, or go all out with “green on green” to remind everyone that you’re basically the Hulk in disguise.

But wait, there’s more! Our hats are not just any hats; they’re the top-of-the-line Branded Bills Snap Backs. It’s like having a billboard on your head that screams, “I lift heavy things, and I look good doing it!” Choose from classy navy or mysterious black, adorned with a PVC patch.

Act fast because sizes are as limited as your willpower when facing a plate of post-workout donuts. Check out the picture for your size options – we’re talking “fit like a glove” limited. And for those who value exclusivity, we’ve got hats in such short supply – just 12 units, folks!

Worried about making a fashion faux pas? Fear not! We’ve got a guarantee that’s stronger than your squat max. If you receive our apparel and it doesn’t make you feel like a Greek god or goddess, we’ll buy it back! No, seriously, we’ll take it off your hands, no questions asked. So, there’s absolutely zero reasons not to pre-order.

Ordering is as easy as finishing that last set of burpees – just click the link and fill out the form. Or, if you’re feeling social, chat up your coach at the gym, because who doesn’t want fashion advice from someone dripping in sweat?

Hurry, though, because pre-orders end – Friday, September 22 at 5pm. And as for delivery, well, we’ll keep you guessing. Expect your apparel to arrive in 2-3 weeks, give or take, depending on the phases of the moon, tide charts, and whether Hurricane Nigel decides to join the party. It’s a surprise workout for your patience!

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to look good, feel good, and lift heavy – all while dodging hurricanes and lunar cycles!

Your Gyms Available Sizes & Quantities
Womens Tank Top: 6XS, 6S, 4M, 2L
Unisex T-Shirt: 4S, 8M, 8L, 2XL
Your Gyms Available Sizes & Quantities
Womens Tank Top: 6XS, 6S, 4M, 2L
Unisex T-Shirt: 4S, 8M, 8L, 2XL
Total Available Sizes & Quantities
Navy 12 — Black 12
*Your eyes don’t deceive you. The hat above is grey. But we are ordering in navy blue.


• 1 Bench Press – Friday
• 1 Barbell Cycling – Saturday
• 1 Heavy Day – Monday
• 1-3 Short Sprint – Mon. &Wed. & Sun.
• 1 Long Day – Friday


We don’t provide free group classes. If you want tailored training that suits your goals, free classes might not cut it. We aim to address your specific needs, so we offer something better: a free Day One intro session. Discover your “why” and achieve purposeful fitness with us. Skip the aimless group classes and connect with a CrossFit Main Line coach for a personalized fitness plan today! That may be a FREE MONTH OF STRENGTH TRAINING. So we’ll this offer right here 👇.


Final announcement for Ardmore! Last week Plymouth Meeting had a massive attendance of 94 Athletes complete the inbody. Can Ardmore compete? Join us for Retest Day, featuring benchmark workouts and highly accurate InBody scans (99%). Monitor your fitness journey, witness progress, and achieve your fitness goals with confidence.

SEPT. 16 – Ply. Mtg.
SEPT. 23 – Ardmore
Sept. 30 – Wayne


Welcome, newest CFML members! We’re excited to get to know your goals, but remember, expectations should match your work ethic. You can’t expect six-pack abs if you’re on the excuse train 🚂. Sacrifice and work for it and CFML guarantees results will come. Need accountability? Offer your friends a free month in September.


Calorie torching workout of the week.
Pull Up Practice
— Then —
3 Rounds
20 DB Floor Press
25 Sit Ups
20 Pull Ups
— Into —
2 Rounds
20 DB Floor Press
25 Sit Ups
15 Chest 2 Bar
— Into —
1 Round
20 DB Floor Press
25 Sit Ups
10 Bar Muscle Ups


CrossFit can seem intimidating, but hey, we’re regular folks! This week we continue toJoin intro our coaches and uncover the mystery behind @MarkStewart5000 (whats the 5000 for?)

Meet Coach Mark, our multi-talented wonder! Rumor has it he moonlighted as a TV doctor, but who needs stethoscopes when you’ve got barbells? In high school, he tackled three sports like a champ, and in college, he conquered lacrosse.
In 2015, Mark ditched lonely gym sessions for CrossFit and hasn’t looked back. He runs a seasonal business, leaving plenty of time for those gains. Even his diet’s on point now, though those double unders are still a work in progress! 🏋️‍♂️💉


CrossFit Main Line is turning into a birthday party zone! 19 birthday announcements this week – it’s like a cake vs. burpee showdown! Let the celebrations (and workouts) begin! 🎂💪


**! Social Media !**: You will not believe how much $(*$&#! sugar is in a Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Iced Coffee… nevermind how much pumpkin.
QUOTE: “You Don’t have to be great or successful to be consistent but you need to consistent to be great or successful. Create a habit of being consistent in the things that matter to you the most. Let’s go!” – @DeionSanders
WATCH: Go down a rabbit hole of vintage fast food training videos.
SCHEDULE: Fall 2023 is live. Check Wodify & Website.