CFML News 9/11/23

coach prime


Coach Prime is the ultimate addiction, like a Netflix series that pumps you up for life. His quotes, speeches, and social posts turn you into a superhero, ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way. It’s so darn inspiring that it almost seems too good to be true, like he’s a motivational robot. But take a peek into his playing career, his coaching journey, and the way he fathers like a champ, and you’ll realize it’s all real.

At CrossFit Main Line, our coaches share the same belief. They want you to embrace your inner beast and conquer everything, even a workout that feels like a Friday the 13th horror show! If you haven’t already, hit that follow button on @CoachPrime and @CUBuffsFootball. Crank up the volume, because when the “Theme Music” starts, you’ll feel like you can deadlift a mountain. Coach Prime isn’t just a coach; he’s a one-man pep rally for life’s toughest challenges!

– Coach Daniel


• 1 Bench Press – Tuesday
• 1 Barbell Cycling – Wednesday
• 1 Heavy Day – Wednesday
• 1-2 Short Sprint – Wed & Thurs
• 1 Overhead Squat – Thursday
• 1 Long WOD – Friday
• 1 Partner – Saturday


Back to school has arrived, making it the perfect moment to rejoin your fitness routine. Our expert coaches support you at every level, whether you’re experienced or new to fitness. Contact us to discover CrossFit and what sets CFML apart.


Final announcement: Join us for Retest Day, featuring benchmark workouts and highly accurate InBody scans (99%). Monitor your fitness journey, witness progress, and achieve your fitness goals with confidence.

SEPT. 16 – Ply. Mtg.
SEPT. 23 – Ardmore
Sept. 30 – Wayne


Welcome September’s first newcomers! A warm embrace to our fresh CrossFit Main Line members joining us as August closes. We’re excited to be part of your fitness journey and invite you to explore our referral program, offering your friends a free month in September!


Calorie torching workout of the week.
“Bradford Street”
60 Cal Bik
50 Lunges
5 Rope Climbs
50 Cal Bike
4 Rope Climbs
40 Cal Bike
30 Lunges
3 Rope Climbs


Once an attorney who ran from the gym like it was a courtroom and lifted like a feather, Mike stumbled into CrossFit in 2011 after a lifetime on the exercise treadmill. It was love at first lift with CrossFit’s “high-intensity chaos.” Since then, he’s turned marathons into warm-ups and survived events that sound insane. Now, he’s coaching at CrossFit Main Line, turning ordinary athletes into extraordinary ones, and making burpees feel like a breeze.



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