CFML Weekly 8/28/23

August highlights

213 Person Records!

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September serves as our final preparatory phase for the last strength cycle of 2023.

The Olympic cycle unfolded seamlessly. We began with mastering movements from the pinnacle down to the foundation, ensuring even newcomers gained valuable technical insights. Athletes achieved numerous personal records within just eight weeks, a testament to their dedication and progress. Our gymnastics cycle emphasized skill before metcon and introducing intricate movements to elevate the challenge.

September serves as a preparatory phase before the final strength cycle kicks off in October. Overhead squats and bench presses will dominate the first October cycle; spotlighting these in weekly sessions during September. We’ll reintegrate intense pulls from the ground—Deads, Sumo Deads, and Odd Objects.

Skill sessions will address Double Unders, improving capacity for the 2024 CF Open. Comprehensive GPP workouts will shift from anaerobic (short & intense) to aerobic (longer and less intense) conditioning. Lastly, we will complete some notable benchmarks. Prepare for an action-packed September ahead.


• 1 Barbell Cycling
• 1 Bench Press
• 1 Overhead Squat
• 1-2 Short Sprint WODS
• 1 Heavy Day
• 1 Long WOD
• 1 Partner


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SEPT. 16 – Ply. Mtg. SEPT. 23 – Ardmore
SEPT. 30 – Wayne


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Calorie torching workout of the week.
Power Clean 1×2
— Then —
Cleans & Ring Dips


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CFML Civil War: October 28, 2023 Rx, Scaled and Masters Divisions
• Swim WOD! September 10, 2023. Ply Mar Swim Club. More details soon!
• Labor Day Weekend Hours, Check Wodify.
• Fall 2023 Schedule Starts September 5, 2023. Check Wodify & Website.