CFML WEEKLY News 8/21/23

Snatch 1RM
— Then —
30 Snatches

Every 5min
For 5 Sets
60 Dubs+ 20 Sit Ups
10 Front+ 20 Sit Ups
60 Dubs

3 Rounds
400m Run
21 KBS
12 Pull-Ups

HSPU Practice
— Then —
15 Cal Bike
30s PVC Overs
30s HS Hols

Clean & Jerk 1RM
— Then —
30 Clean & Jerks

Bench Press
— Then —
“Team Event 6”
1000m Row
60 Hang Power Cleans
40 Pistols

Wall Balls
Box Jumps

Dustin Engel

CFML-Wayne Leader Of the month

Dustin Engel, a devoted father of two energetic boys, stands as a beacon of family strength and unity. Passionate about CrossFit, he not only pursues his fitness journey but also shares it with his sons, fostering a sense of health and camaraderie. Their joint workouts and event participations showcase his commitment to fostering shared interests. Having transplanted his life from Texas to Pennsylvania, Dustin’s resilience in adapting to new environments reflects his open-minded spirit.


WATCH: A dynamic week: 2 one-rep max lifts push limits, while 4 benchmark CrossFit workouts ignite competition, forging progress and strength.


At CFML we prioritize everyday movements in your exercise routine. Our coaches deeply understand your goals, routine, and interests. Whether golf or walks, personalized plans ensure progress. Embrace a fitter you. Grab 20 classes for the price of 10 through August 31.


Embrace the fitness journey’s highs and lows. From pushing limits to celebrating milestones. Experience the game-changing support from Day One. Join us in retesting your body composition and fitness.

SEPT. 16 – Ply. Mtg. SEPT. 23 – Ardmore
SEPT. 30 – Wayne


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CFML calorie torching workout of the week.
Clean & Jerk 1RM
— Then —
30 Clean & Jerks


Navigating a new environment can feel daunting, yet we’re by your side. Allow us to introduce Coach Chelsey, A dedicated CFML expert, empowering individuals through dynamic coaching, fostering growth, and building resilient fitness journeys.


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