CFML- Weekly JUNE 12th

Over the weekend in our reading and social media discovery, we came across an interesting tweet about how we spend our time in our lives. 

To summarize the data, as we age we spend a lot less time with family and friends, more time with coworkers, and more time with our partners. I strongly suspect that the popularity of CrossFit is a direct result of an internal desire we have for good (and healthy) human relationships, which are sometimes hard to find in our family and work lives. And… The added benefit of spending more time with our CrossFit friends is that we get stronger and more fit while doing it! 

  • Coach Daniel  

IG POST OF THE WEEK: @CFMLPLYMOUTHMEETING This week members @jennmarie711 and Coach @digga82 competed at Dewey Beach! Coach @buchacha06 competed at @ironcrossathletics, and Coach @kellifitz11 and Coach Mike Petrizzo competed in Daytona. Congrats everyone on the fun and hard work.


3min video – Coach Daniel breaks down the week of programming


Ready to test your fitness?
The Mid-Year Mini Comp (MYMC) is almost here!

This exciting event spread over the last three Fridays of the month, offers you a chance to bring out your competitive spirit and test your fitness midway through the year.
Like the CrossFit Open, MYMC will be incorporated into our Friday class workouts. There will be Performance and Fitness versions of each workout

The CrossFit program drives unparalleled results.
CrossFit makes people fit, and we make them fitter faster and more safely than any program out there.

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Space thermogenic tech to keep the stink down! 

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This week starting at CFML – Plymouth Meeting. 


More Friends!?
Welcome CFMLs new Athletes.
Like the post, and comment below to welcome our newest CFML Rockstars. 


Check your EGO at the door and aim for 1 round in the time cap.
The biggest bottlenecks will be the Wall Balls and Toes to Bar so make sure everyone has a plan to break these up!

“MYMC 23.1”

100 Dubs
50 Wall Balls

35 T2B

20 Deadlifts

75 Dubs

40 Wall Balls

25 T2B

15 Deadlifts

50 Dubs

30 Wall Balls

15 T2B

10 Deadlifts


197 PRs last week!
No really! Check it out!

Don’t see your PR? Probably because you didn’t log it 😤
You could have been 198!

CFML  is “building better-moving, more-capable humans” by offering its athletes safe and effective training options that balance fitness and recovery, making daily movement a priority. Start your journey!

today, last chance to buy $5 for 5 classes.

– Your CFML Team