Ardmore is moving! We need your help. Workout at Ardmore at 9:30am on Saturday 1/28 and Sunday 1/29 then load your car up with equipment and drop off at the new gym!

You could read about the workouts but let Coach Brian tell you about, 90s video.

Mon: Strength: Clean Pull, Clean High Pull, Muscle Clean – Workout: ‘Elizabeth’
Tues: Strength: Overhead Squat – Workout: ‘Quadfather’
Wed: Strength: DeadliftWorkout: Deadlift, Up-Down Over Bar, Sit-Ups
Thurs: Workout: Run, Alt. DB Front Rack Lunges,Double Unders, Muscle Ups
Fri: Strength: Power Snatch – Workout: Bike, Power Snatch
Sat: Workout: ‘Loredo’
Sun: Workout: Bike, Double Unders, Deadlifts

Why We Do Weightlifting In CrossFit. 

Weightlifting refers to the Olympic sport of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  These are full body movements that are:


Compound (they use a ton of muscles). 

Universal (we are designed to be good at jumping and catching things).


Weightlifting is a staple part of CrossFit training because it works all of the major muscles of the body in one to two explosive movements.  It helps make you faster, stronger, and burns a ton of calories (if you’ve ever done a complex you know what we mean!). It also is proven to increase your coordination, balance, and flexibility over time. 

In a workout designed to give you the most out of your 60 minutes, Weightlifting is a highly effective tool to use. 

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Bring a friend for a partner WOD!


Shout out to Plymouth Meeting Member Brian Leigh for completing the DEKA Fit competition this past weekend!  He took Third in his division! 



MIN 1 – 20/15 Cal Bike

MIN 2 – 1 Power Snatch*

*Athlete chooses Moderate-Heavy loading to start. Athlete can increase loading each round or stay at the same weight. Athlete has the entire minute to make their lift. Max 3 attempts per minute. Score is the combined total weight of all successful lifts.

Advice from our coaches:
1. This is a unique workout in the way that it’s scored: for total weight lifted over the 6 rounds of snatches.  You can move up in weight as the workout progresses.  Choose a weight initially that is heavy, but you know you won’t fail a lift. Take small jumps from there! 

2. For the bike: fill the entire minute rather than doing a max effort sprint and finishing the Cals in 35-40 seconds.  Yes, you’ll gain time.  But that will spike your heart rate out of control.  Aim for a good 55 second bike.  

Post your workout results on facebook or instagram for a chance to win a free CFML hoodie! Don’t forget to tag us! @crossfitmainline  


Congratulations to Coach Jenna who is advancing into her new role as Managing Partner of our Wayne location! 

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