As we approach the holiday weekend we want to remind everyone about the importance of staying present.  It’s so easy to get swept up in how busy and hectic the holidays have become.  Take some time to enjoy the loved ones around you.  And don’t forget… Come on in for some great holiday themed workouts with our CFML team! 

We’re starting the week off with a big one: “8 Crazy Nights” to celebrate the start of Hanukkah.  On Friday we’re looking forward to “The 12 Days” workout.  Saturday we have a cardio based partner workout before the celebrations begin.  No classes on Sunday and Monday (open gym is available). 

Thank you to all who are participating in our 2023 equipment upgrade pool. Voting ends December 23rd!

Our hybrid holiday schedule begins this week! Check the end of the newsletter for hours for each location.


Mon: Workout: ‘8 Crazy Nights’
Tues: Skill: Bar/Ring Muscle-Ups – Workout: Muscle-Ups, Box Jump Overs, Run
Wed: Strength: Front SquatWorkout: Wall Balls, Handstand Push-Ups, Front Squats
Thurs: Workout: Double Unders, Bike, Sit-Ups
Fri: Workout: ‘12 Days of Xmas’
Sat: Workout: ‘Son of a Nutcracker’
Sun: Workout: ‘Reindeer Games’

Today’s workout is programmed by four-time CrossFit Games teen athlete Sophie Shaft.

Every 2:00m for 20:00m (10 Rounds)

5 Bar Muscle-Ups

15/12 Cal Bike

60 Double Unders

Scaling Options:
•Scaling options: Athletes can reduce the reps per round (for example: 3 B<U, 12/10 Cals, 40 Double Unders), or can scale the BMU to Chest to Bar or regular pull-ups, and double unders to single unders.
Advice From Our Coaches:
Staying consistent as possible will get you through. Push transitions as fast as possible. No time to stand around! You should get around 15-20 seconds of rest per round.


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Elves Day Out at our Wayne location! Saturday Dec. 24th from 10am-1pm. 

Drop your kids off at the gym with Coach Wendi so Santa’s elves can get ready for the holiday! No sign up necessary – just drop any kids by for any amount of time – or the whole time. No age requirement and does not need to be youth program members. Join us for fun games, movies, indoor snowball fight, and other fun activities. 

Questions? Contact Wendi@crossfitmainline.com 


Plymouth Meeting has launched a Teens class! Join us at 6:30pm Tuesdays with Coach Wendi. E-mail Wendi to schedule your free Teens trial! Wendi@crossfitmainline.com 


12 Days of Xmas

Day 1 – 100m Run

Day 2 – Power Clean (185/125)(135/95)

Day 3 – Burpees to a Plate

Day 4 – DB Push Press (50/35)(35/20)

Day 5 – Toes to Bar

Day 6 – Hand Release Push-Ups

Day 7 – Plate Ground to OH (45/35)(35/25)

Day 8 – Wall Balls

Day 9 – Deadlifts (185/125)(135/95)

Day 10 – Walking Lunges

Day 11 – DB Thrusters

Day 12 – Bar Muscle Ups

Advice from our coaches:
1. Choose weights and movements that you can complete unbroken, or in 2 quick sets.  This is a long workout, the goal is to keep moving!
2. Make sure to record your score and add some notes on today’s workout.  This can be a useful yearly check in to monitor and celebrate your progress (similar to “Murph”!)


Shout out to Coach Robbie Williamson for offering TB12 pliability treatments to our members at our Plymouth Meeting location!  If you would like to schedule a session, reach out to Robbie via phone call or text at 585-216-7663.


Happy Holidays from our CFML family. Be sure to check Wodify for hybrid schedule updates. Contact your Coach if you have any questions.

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