Weekly Breakdown 4/25

As we transition into May we start off with our new strength cycle: the Wendler 5-3-1! For those new or experienced with Wendler, all should get excited to experience the strength gains that this simple and effective cycle brings to the table! We will be working up to a heavy 1-Rep Deadlift, Back Squat, and Bench Press! We will also see 2 ab finishers per week continue to build the strong core that we need for these heavy lifts!


Mon: Strength: Weighted Strict Pull- Up, Workout: EMOM15- 1: cal bike, 2- max pull-up/ ring rows, 3- hand release push- ups
Tues: Strength: Deadlift+ Hang Power Clean+ Shoulder to OH, Workout: “DT”
Wed: Workout: Run, Box Jump, Wallball, Lunges
Thurs: Workout: Cal Row and Kettlebell Swings
Fri: Strength: Thruster, Workout: 10min AMRAP- Toes to Bar, Thruster, Up Downs
Sat: Workout: Devils Clean, Renegade Rows then Double Unders, Rope Climbs, then Devils Clean, Renegade Rows
Sun: Workout: Sumodeadlifts, KB Goblet Cossack Squats, KB Heel Touches, Cardio

#MainlineMonday; CFML’s High Powered Open Gym Workout Of The Week:

  • 4 Rounds

10 Wall walks

100 Double unders

10 Alternating Single DB Devils Press (50/35 LBs)

20 Single DB OHS (10 each arm at 50/35 LBs)


DB weight

200 Single Unders

Time Cap: 20 Minutes

Some advice from the coaches: “​​Try to push the wall walk pace and use the double unders to recover, then stay controlled on the devils press so you can try to go straight into the overhead squats!”

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  • Mark your calendar for our next RETEST Days (In-Body and Workout)
      • Ardmore 5/14
      • Wayne 5/21
  • KIDS CAMP (11- 2pm, Mon- Thurs)
  • TEENS CAMP (12- 2pm, Mon/Wed/Fri)

#SpotlightThursday; Nico’s PR in “The Morning Chalk- Up”

  • Congratulations Nico Price from CrossFit Main Line in Ardmore, PA on the 48 pound/21.5kg clean and jerk PR.

#FearlessFriday; CFML’s calorie torching, muscle building workout of the week:

Strength Thruster (3 Attempts at a 10-Rep) for 15min, Workout: AMRAP x 10 MINUTES, 10 Toes to Bar, 5 Thrusters, 10 Up Downs Over Bar
Gotta keep moving today. Set the pace from the start and stick to it. It’s only 10:00 and short reps, Use this as motivation to keep the pace consistent and nonstop. If there is anywhere to get any recovery on this it will be the Up-Downs, slow this down to recover and hit big sets on the TTB and unbroken on the Thrusters.

#ShoutoutSaturday; Congratulations to Heather, Terri and Lyn who all placed SILVER for the Master’s Weightlifting National Championship!

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