Weekly Breakdown 1/3/22

2021 was literally one of our best years ever at CrossFit Main Line – more member visits, more PRs and more new members than any other single year, despite the challenges caused by the pandemic. As a result, I have tremendous hope for the future success of CrossFit, our affiliate and most importantly for the health of our community. We are “a lifeboat against a tsunami of chronic disease” and an island of “healthy normal” in a crazy abnormal world. 2022 may start a little rough, but we’ll gain momentum every week and soon, it will feel like 2019 all over again, only better.  Thank you to our coaches, support team and our community for making 2021 an amazingly successful year.


Mon: “What the Helen” 1200m Row, 63 KBS, 36 Pull Ups
Tues: Strength – Shoulder Press, “Opening Up” AMRAP 15 – 10 Wall Balls, 15 Burpees, 20 Wall Balls, 15 Burpees, Con’t adding 10 Wall Balls each rd.
Wed: “The Other Total” 1 Rep Max Power Clean, Bench Press, Overhead Squat
Thurs: “Heat Wave” Teams of 2 – 3 Rds 500m Bike, 1000m Bike, con’t adding 500m. Between each Rd 10 Sit Ups, adding 10 reps each rd.
Fri: “Push To Start” 2-4-6-8-10 Wall Walks, Deadlifts, Dubs
Sat: “Only Frans” 15-12- 9 Thrusters + Pull Ups, 12-9-6 Thruster + 3-2-1 Rope Climbs, 9-6-3 Thrusters + Burpee Pull Ups

Stuff your coach is reading, hearing, watching, using or buying

Tweet of the Week:  A New Year’s Resolution is worthless without support from family & friends or, the emotional fortitude to not give af what they think or say.

The lines between beer, soda and spirits are blurring as beverage companies seek sales growth. This is a troubling trend in the alcoholic beverage industry and appears to be clearly targeting younger generations. Given obesity rates and rising rates of drug addictions, do we really need “Hard Mountain Dew?”

MUST WATCH: This is the 60-second clip that every CrossFit athlete needs to share on their social today.

Philly Not-So-Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers: Started a new diet but already have cravings? This is guaranteed to hit the spot. Peppers stuffed with thinly sliced steak, mushrooms, peppers, red onions, and topped with a creamy sauce that is a great cheese alternative. This recipe is a banger even if you’re not on a diet. STEAK TONIGHT.

All About Some R.A.D® Footwear: Be in the know on the latest shoes that are going to be hitting your box soon, The R.A.D ONE. Meet the developers and learn about the unique design process that makes R.A.D…well…RAD. Launching at Wodapalooza on 13th January. MEET THE TEAM..

Dave Castro promises Open workouts will be painful: Over the weekend, CrossFit announced that the tests for the 2022 CrossFit Open are now complete and ready to go. The Open kicks off February 24 with a total of three or four workouts over the three weeks