Thursday 5.23.19 CrossFit



Front Box Squat 10 x 2


“Fool in the Rain”

30-20-10 Wallballs
21-15-9 Deadlifts


Banded Alphabet: 3 sets on each side



10 Rounds
10 MB Sit-Ups
10 Ball Slams
10 Calorie Bike Sprint
– Rest 60s –


– Strength: We’ll start a new wave for the Front Box Squat this week based off of your 1RM Front Squat. All sets should be fast/efficient. We want Athletes to use a slightly wider stance than normal as we want to hit the glutes, hips, hamstrings but not make this totally a posterior driven movement – there should still be plenty of contribution from the anterior chain. We are using a parallel box – the same height they used for the last cycle. Whatever you use today to make sure to remember it as you will see this variation for the next 3 weeks.
– Metcon: This is a benchmark workout that will challenge you globally and put their heart-rate near max. Effort should be hard and sets should be big. We want Athletes to challenge themselves to complete the wall balls UB. Deadlifts should be capable of being done in sets of at least 7 – touch n go. This workout was last tested on 1/24/19 so beating previous times by 60s is a reasonable goal. For most this should be completely doable – where most will do this is if their strength has improved and their deadlift efficiency will be much higher.