Friday 4.19.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

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Floor Press 1RM


“Strict Cindy”
5 Strict Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats


KB Windmill: 3 x 6


– Strength: The first portion of today’s strength will be a floor press 1RM. Athletes should gradually reduce reps as they work up in weight to singles until 1RM is achieved. The purpose of a floor press to build the top-range of the bench press. Most will NOT be able to beat their 1RM bench press simply because they are not able to drive with their legs, however, if by chance someone is able to work up to the same number as their bench this indicates a flaw in their bench press technique. This was last tested 9/21. The goal is to beat your previous max by 5 lbs. More information on how to most effectively hit a 1RM here.
– Metcon: Reminder, this month we have been focusing on strict movements to build strength. We last tested the regular version of “Cindy” on 11/16 and 3/30 so it will be good to compare. The goal today is to shoot for half of your last score. For these workouts, have Athletes should aim for maintaining a consistent pace of around 75%. Athletes will most likely slow down on the strict pull-ups and/or push-ups, so encourage athletes to break up into smaller sets with shorter rest early on in order to maintain a consistent pace throughout the workout and avoid muscle fatigue. Also, remember “Murph” is right around the corner so strict Cindy is a great place to start.a



3 Rounds
**200m Carry**
40 Alt. DB Snatch

Rd 1- KBs Front Rack Carry
Rd 2- KBs Farmers Carry
Rd 3- KBs Unilateral