Monday 4.14.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

MONTHLY SEMINAR || You voted, we delivered!

On April 24th and 25th, we’ll have our very own Coach Cássio Oliveira host an informative clinic and FB Live Seminar with our own athletes to learn more about building bulletproof shoulders! Reserve your spot by signing up in Wodify or commenting below! Seats are limited!



Power Clean 1 Rep Max


“Chuck Rhoades”

Squat Clean Thrusters


Tabata Elbow Plank: 8 x 20s hold/10s rest.


– Strength: Athletes will be working up to a 1RM power clean starting with sets of 3 and moving to singles. These sets should be done with the goal of beating their current 1RM by 5#s so having a concise plan will ensure this happens. As sets progress in weight make sure you are resting a full 2 minutes. We’ll be performing a dynamic effort wave using the Power Clean so getting a number today will serve that. This was last tested on 12/10.
– Metcon: Effort today should be around 90%. This is intended to be a brutal workout that’s globally demanding so worrying less about “pacing” and simply going for it is the goal today. Loading today should be relatively heavy for the squat clean thrusters but Athletes should still select a weight they can perform fast singles with for the majority of this workout. This is the type of workout that is best to perform singles as trying to lower the barbell especially with the recommending loading today will use a high amount of energy – fast singles are what we are looking for. We’ve tested similar workouts to this is in the past – expect to see this one again in 12 weeks.




A.) AMRAP 15
18 Jump Lunges
15/10 Calorie Bike
12 Ball Slams

*Rest 3:00

B.) AMRAP 15
15 American KB Swings
12 Box Jump Overs
9 Dips