Wednesday 4.3.19 CrossFit



1500m Row
50 DBs Hang Power Cleans
1500m Row
50 DBs Hang Power Cleans


1/2 Tabata Hollow Rocks: 4 x 20s work/10s rest.


– Metcon: Effort today should be around 75%, but could be much higher if Athletes don’t choose the correct DB weight which will likely result in additional bouts of rest so these should be light. What we are looking for today is a plan that allows you to break DB work into sets that can be sustained until all work is complete – keep in mind DB variations, in particular, Olympic Lift variations are incredibly challenging for most Athletes and require more control and accuracy. This will get your heart-rate up too high causing you to rest for longer than expected if they aren’t careful. How we mitigate this is by keeping sets small 3-5 reps per set. Rowing – there should be consistent output on the rower to duplicate splits. Everyone should finish under the time cap today.



“Live’n In The Moment”

For Time
60-40-20 Sit-ups
50-30-20 Box Jumps
40-20-10 Ring Rows/Jump Pull-ups

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