Friday 3.29.19 CrossFit



Push Jerk 1RM


“Jones Bones”

10 T2B
10 S20H
200m Run


Barbell Curl 21s: 3 x 7 each


– Strength: 1RM push jerk will be from the rack. Athletes should rest 2min between heavy singles as they approach 1RM. Start with some larger warm-up sets (around 4-5 reps) and gradually decrease reps to singles. As you  get to heavier loads you should be comfortable dropping the bar from overhead. Ramp-up sets should look something like 4-3-3-2-2-1-1-1…We last performed a 1RM Jerk (any style) on 12/7 so you should have a plan in mind as to how they’ll beat that weight by 5#s. For more info on max effort training check this article out here.
– Metcon: Today’s Metcon is intended to be done at 80% effort where Athletes have the goal of keeping their splits within 20s-30s of each other. In this case, starting off around 70% and adjusting your dynamic energy control (pacing) as the workout progresses is smart. Overall, T2B/S2OH should be capable of being done in 2 sets or less. We’ve performed a few variants of this workout in the past so expect to see either of the two (task vs. time) in the future. Task domain version tested on 2/1 and the time version on 11/30.



3 Rounds
1:00 Double KB Front Rack Hold
50 Sit-ups
25 Ring Rows
50 Air Squats
100 Mountain Climbers
*Rest 2:00 Between Rounds


Metcon – Core dominant workout, this should provide a slightly different feel and stimulus. Work on breathing efficiently and really bracing your core through all the movements.