Thursday 3.28.19 CrossFit



1.) Front Box Squat 8×3

2.) Hang Snatch 4×2


4 Tabatas in 19min
Tabata KBS
– 1min Rest –
Tabata Hang Power Snatches
– 1min Rest –
Tabata Goblet Squats
– 1min Rest –
Tabata Calorie Assault Bike


5 Min of Parasympathetic Breathing


– Strength: Today’s strength/OLY work will be the main focus of class so be ready to spend some time on each section. We are re-visiting the Front Box Squats: 8 sets of 3 at 65-70% of 1RM Front Squat (not front box squat.) This should +5% from last week using the same box height (15-16″ if possible.) Remember, the goal with these is efficiency/speed off of the box so adjust weights as needed. For more info on the Box Squat check this article out here Set a 12-minute clock for the snatch work. Athletes may increase in weight if form permits. Reminder, focus on form over weight today.
– Metcon: This should be performed at max effort/sprint pace. Athletes should be able to complete large unbroken chunks each 20s interval. These are full American Kettlebell Swings. Advanced athletes should challenge themselves to go without putting the KB down for the entire 4min tabata workout and intermediate athletes should only put it down during the 10s rest periods.