Saturday 3.23.19 CrossFit



“Trip A Little Light Fantastic”
Teams of 2
200 Meter Run
30 Power Snatch
200 Meter Run
30 Barbell Rows
200 Meter Run
30 GTOH with a plate


Banded Back Complex:
30-50 Pulldowns
30-50 Banded Facepull-aparts
30-50 Banded pull-aparts


– Metcon: Athletes are partnering up today and splitting reps work however desired, run together and not split. Athletes should be able to work consistently for the entire workout – loading is intended to be light. Power Snatches should capable of being muscle-snatched and rows should be able to be completed in two sets (15 UB reps each person.) If Athletes are sore from 19.5 (which is very likely), you should take it easy today and focus on perfect movement, breathing, and just getting a good sweat. Effort today will range based off how you’re feeling, but 70% should be sustainable for the entire 30 minutes. Athletes should use the 200 meter run as a chance to recover between sets, but because they are working with a partner and have built-in rest these should not drop at any point during the workout.