Sunday 2.10.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

Box Brief: Level-Up Challenge Day 10 of 21

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“Ghostride The Whip”

5 Rounds

20 Push Ups

20 Barbell Rows

20 Sit-ups

20 Push Press

Rx+:(Start each round with 5/3 Ring Muscle-ups)

Intent: Don’t let this workout fool you, there is a high volume of work here. Most of you are going to struggle with the Barbell Row as this is a movement we don’t normally perform in a metcon, but challenge yourself to complete all of this work as strict as possible


‘Protect The Primary”

5 Rounds

24 Wall Balls

12 Jumping Pull Ups

– At 15min Start –

3 Rounds

1min Max 10m Shuttle Run

30 Burpees

1min Max 10m Shuttle Run

– 1min Rest B/t Rounds –

Intent: The mixture of high heart rate movements with a longer endurance time domain should provide a great challenge. Break the Wall Balls into two sets if needed for part 1, saving your shoulders for part 2. In part 2, the 30 Burpees will be the ultimate challenge. Push your limited and ry to remind yourself you’ll have just 1:00 of running and Then