Tuesday 1.15.19 & Wednesday 1.16.19 XFit Juniors


Round 1- stand across from each other; do 10 squats with ball in front of face
Round 2- do 10 push press with ball
Round 3- do 10 thrusters and TOSS the ball up and over to partner
Round 4- take a step back and TOSS ball to partner
Cue the toss is an arc- not at- this mimics a wall ball
Every time the ball is dropped/not caught/ 3 burpees for both partners


Box jumps- cue we are jumping NOT stepping up, so if they prefer a smaller height, that is ideal.
Wall balls


Fight Gone Bad- abbreviated
1 min- box jumps
1 min- wall balls
1 min- cal row
1 min rest
EVERYONE will start at the same time at different spots- they will all rest together