Tuesday 9.18.18 CrossFit

Box Brief:
Wayne Endurance ONLY Bring a Friend Week

Registration Open for the Main Line Meltdown 21 Day Challenge.


1): Handstand Push-ups (Every 2min, 3 x Sub Max, anystyle)
Endurance: Box Push-ups
– 2min Reset –
2): Strict Pull-ups (Every 2min, 3 x Sub Max)
*Strict Band Assisted Pull-up
-Rest 3min-

Set #1: Wide Grip, Pronated
Set #2: Shd width Grip, Supinated Grip
Set #3: Close Grip Supinated Grip
Endurance: Partner Assisted
Intent:Today’s gymnastics superset entails “sub-maximal” work meaning you’ll stop 1-2 reps shy of failure for each set of HSPU and strict pull-ups. Keep track of your volume for each set. We’ll perform work for the next 3-weeks geared improving gymnastics local muscle endurance.


3/2 Bar Muscle Ups
10 Alt. DB Snatch (50,35)
10 Burpees
200 Meter Run
-4min Rest-
Repeat for time
Rx: (2/1 MU)(45,25)
Endurance: (10 jumping pull ups)(35,20)

Intent: The goal of today’s metcon is 75% (sustainable) effort for all rounds. Start with an easy pace that you know you can maintain and work on maintaining that for the entire 12 minutes. DB Snatch should be light.


5min Mobility with Coach